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The 2005 Africa -U.S. Conference on Women's Issues will advance the cause of women's equal rights in Africa and the U.S.
14 West Cheryl Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85021-2481
Phone: 602/906-8886 FAX:602/906-8887
e-mail: women (at)



The joint planning committee for the 2005 Africa -U.S. Conference on Womenís Issues: Conversations for Action has announced the Call for Papers for this Conference that will convene November 15-18 in Cape
Town, South Africa.

The purpose of the Conference is to promote the empowerment of women as world leaders, to gain a deeper understanding of conditions and policies in both Africa and the U.S. that have supported or obstructed the advancement of women, and to develop sustainable partnerships between advocates
and womenís organizations in both countries that will continue beyond the Conference.

The topics of focus will include the Beijing Platform for Action Topics and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. The presentations and discussions will address strategies for achieving results on these
issues and report on the progress that has been made since the United Nations World Conference on the Status of Women in 1995.
The participants will work on resolutions for actions that will move the platform forward and achieve the Millennium Goals.

The deadline for the Call for Papers is May 15th. Notification of accepted papers will be made by May 31st. For details on submitting a paper contact Global Interactions at women (at) or
check details online at

Ilitha Labantu, a South African-based NGO, recommended by the South African Embassy, will partner with Global Interactions, a Phoenix-based non-profit organization,
to convene this Conference.

In October, 2004, Ilitha Labantu organized an extraordinary Conference for women from 15 African countries and will build on the
success of that meeting to address key issues for women in Africa at this yearís Conference. Global Interactions has 20 years of international experience building partnerships between U.S. and international
colleagues. Four China ñ U.S. Conferences on Women have been held.

This represents the first Africa-
U.S. Women's Issues Conference.

Organizations are invited to become a Cooperating Organization and lead a delegation of their members to the Conference. Cooperating Organizations will play a significant leadership role at the Conference through leading workshops and presentations by their members.

A 10-Day Conference Package (November 10-20) is being designed to depart from Washington, D.C., following a briefing by the South African Embassy staff and an
orientation on the opportunities, organizational
partnerships, and resolutions projected for the Conference. The overall outcome of the Conference is to develop understanding that will allow African and U.S. women to form sustainable relationships for working together on the issues of the Platform for Action and the Millennium Goals.

Join us to expand your international understanding, share your knowledge
and expertise, and build partnerships with Africans committed to empowering women.

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