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"Reversing Global Warming" a FRAUDULENT ARTICLE !

The article called "Reversing Global Warming" was fradulent. Its purpose was to get people to hate environmentalists and not be concerned about global warming.
The fradulent "Reversing Global Warming" article was posted at many sites, for months.

What can do to correct its wrong in having allowed the fraudlent activity to continue for so long at so many of its public websites?

... on such an important matter.

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Re: "Reversing Global Warming" a FRAUDULENT ARTICLE !

add a comment on the article, like always

Re: "Reversing Global Warming" a FRAUDULENT ARTICLE !

The fraudulent author on global warming is Derek Kelly, PhD. Earlier, I misread the author of the article below.

Friday February 25, 2005 at 02:37 AM

The global warming scam
By Derek Kelly, PhD

Scam, noun: a swindle, a fraudulent arrangement.

A chronology of climate change
"Instead of reducing CO2, we should, perhaps, be increasing it. We should pay the smokestack industries hard dollars for every kilogram of soot they pump into the atmosphere. Instead of urging Chinese to stop using coal and turn instead to nuclear-generated electricity, we should beg them to continue using coal. Rather than bringing us to the edge of global-warming catastrophe, anthropogenic climate change may have spared us descent into what would be the most serious and far-reaching challenge facing humankind in the 21st century - dealing with a rapidly deteriorating climate that wants to plunge us into an ice age. Let's hope Antarctica and Greenland melt. Let's hope the sea levels rise. All life glorifies warmth. Only death prefers the icy fingers of endless winter."


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