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Art For A Change: Mark Vallen

Los Angeles artist, Mark Vallen, created this small oil painting of a war wounded child in observance of the March 19th, 2005, second anniversary of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq. The artist said this about his work: "People all over the world have shown their opposition to the war in that country, and this painting is just one small contribution to that powerful international voice demanding peace. Children in Iraq are like those found everywhere in the world, wide-eyed and full of wonder. They are innocent beings to be cherished, loved, and protected. But in today's Iraq there is no childhood... only the fruits of war. While viewing my artwork people should ask themselves, 'What if our children looked like the one in the painting?' Perhaps then we'd work harder to put an end to war."

Visit the Art For A Change web log for information on how artists are working worldwide for a better future. Topics on art and culture, with an emphasis on socially conscious artworks, are posted on a daily basis.

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