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Introducing new Medical Marijuana Testimonials website

Many people have survived life threatening illnesses by reducing pain and nausea using medically prescribed marijuana. This site ( provides some testimonials from patients and the experience of doctors.
Collection of Survivors' Testimonials


Want to submit your experience to this growing list?
We welcome new submissions.
We reserve the right to post at our own digression.


* Judith Cushner
* Jo Daly
* Anonymous
* Lyn Nofziger

Multiple Sclerosis

* Anonymous 1
* Anonymous 2
* BD
* Greg Paufler
* John E. Precup
* Josie Chaplin
* Missi
* Nathaniel

Chronic Pain

* Angel McClary Raich
* Dorothy Gibbs
* James Daniel Baehr


* Keith Vines
* Daniel J. Kane
* Michael Cheslosky


* Judith Cushner
* Jo Daly
* Dorothy Gibbs


* Dorothy Gibbs
* Margaret
* Alfred
* Matt Glandorf
* Bob Burill


* Bruce Buckner
* Fernando Mosquera
* Rose Wheeler
* Erin Hildebrandt

Movement Disorders

* Vollie Rutledge, Jr.
* Anthony
* Anonymous I
* Anonymous II

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