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HIV Resource Drop In Center Dealt Another Blow

Wednesday, March 23, 2005—Santa Cruz, California…. The Santa Cruz AIDS Project’s (SCAP) HIV Resource Drop In Center (HIV-DIC) has been a topic of much discussion as of late. In the midst of repair from the December 2004 fire that drastically slowed down center programming, HIV Resource Drop In Center staff reported two acts of property damage last week. In addition to the smoke and water damage, the building owner and occupants must now deal with graffiti and a broken window. Susan Pratte, SCAP’s Harm Reduction Program Coordinator and HIV-DIC point person, is not deterred. “We are taking quick steps to deal with this small set back.“
“More importantly,? Pratte stresses, “we are still moving forward with our estimated timeline of reopening in early May.? Others in the Education and Prevention Services Department at SCAP agree. April Jackson, Director of Program Development and Evaluation, is focused on the timeline to revamp and expand the services that are currently at the HIV Resource Drop In Center. “SCAP is anxious to move forward with updated services at the center and get current services out of the parking lot. The property damage is definitely a nuisance, but not a deterrent.?

Current HIV Resource Drop In Center services include continued collaboration with Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency (HSA) to provide counseling and HIV testing on Tuesday in the HIV Resource Drop In Center parking lot. The HIV Resource Drop In Center parking lot is also a consistent site for the Santa Cruz County Needle Exchange program to provide services every day during specific times. None of these services have been interrupted during building repair.

Executive Director, Christopher Smith, recognizes the toll that the centers’ closed door has on the Santa Cruz community. “Our friends, supporters and staff have rallied to ensure that services continue and to fight the incorrect notion that SCAP has shirked its prevention responsibilities. We will do everything we can to quickly reopen the HIV Resource Drop In Center doors.?

For more information:

If you would like more information on the effect of HIV/AIDS on the Santa Cruz County community and information on safer sex practices, please contact the Education & Prevention Department of the Santa Cruz AIDS Project at
831. 427. 3900.

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Re: HIV Resource Drop In Center Dealt Another Blow

how appropriate. the drop-in center should be burnt to the ground now that it is only a shell of its former self. the santa cruz aids project successfully desmatled all the proven effective programs that had been delivered there. scap should stop lying to the communinty. taking money from the government and local commumnity for programs it doesn't provide is a disgrace.

Re: HIV Resource Drop In Center Dealt Another Blow

bot i sure wish whoever made that last comment about scap lieing to the community. i was denied services and cut off suddenly after my HOUSEMATE sent a letter expresing to investigate the severe neglagents from scap, as they were still sending donation requests to her deceaced husband. died of aids and was a client of scap yet scap didnt even update there records. so laura manly stole my bike the careteam took over there to hold for me , if you express aqny concern for there neglagent system laura manly cries abuse, and simply railroads the situation, to cover her reae she cut me off for 2 years, i was super ill, very desperate, the reality is im harmless and never even yelled at anyone, my mom passed away when i was a teenager and instantly onmy own, people took advantage of this, including laura manly who when i came to get my bike, she lied down on the couch and laughed in my face a few times.

Re: HIV Resource Drop In Center Dealt Another Blow

maxtek28 (at) ..... if anyone wants to email me, i have a bigger story to tell.

dear shane

dear shane,

if you have a bigger story to tell, please publish a new article on santa cruz indymedia so more people can learn your story. thanks.



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