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Finland - Few days ago Finns flew a group of Georgian women back to their homeland after these tourists did not have enough money to spend in Finland.

Finland - Few days ago Finns flew a group of Georgian women back to their homeland after these tourists did not have enough money to spend in Finland.

I’ve been waiting for a long time, when people start asking about their rights in this nation. I find it very frustrating to see our government officials, specially the police, turning tourist’s pockets up-side down just to check how much money and what kind of credit cards they have, when they enter Finland as tourists.
While as tourist their pockets can be turned up side down again by the Finnish Police. In fact our new Enforcement and Police Law entitles to seek even these people’s hotel rooms and tap their telephones.

National Socialist Finland get caught for drugging emigrant with nerve drugs before backing them into a return flights so they would not make any resistance.

Not so long ago Finland’s Prime Minister’s father explained how coloured people are less intelligence and how Finnish race is much better in many ways.

The nation is full of similar examples and no one listen Finnish Government officials, Finnish Lawyers or Police any more. Our mass media explains only things there are entitled to present and it is ruled by the same socialists.

Finnish Ministry of Internal Affairs consists mainly on police activities and this ministry has been given the name on false bases. Its true name should be Police Ministry.

�The Minister of Internal Affairs (i.e. Police Ministry) hasn’t got a single remark to make of our civil officials good actions� explains Head of Police Ministry Mr Rajamäki his gratitude in Georgia-case.

This State’s lawyers and police have been caught together with our politicians making internal statements in order to keep Finnish citizen calm.

However, as I have now seen how Finnish emigrant see poverty similar way to us native Finns due to our civil officials, the only things I can tell is to explain the nucleus of the problem, how to access it and eliminate the decease.

The best way to get even is to locate a Finnish Lawyer or a cop on abroad having a holiday and playing with them. When you have Finnish playing, simply drug him/her, pack it into a return flight and make sure your evening newspaper has got nice photos of Finnish tourists causing trouble – unless the trouble causer needs to be returned in a horizontal position. These people usually spend their holidays is Spain, Far-East or Asia, were you intelligence can easily pin-point them to play and having some fun on them.

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Finnish government legal reps. are connected to the government in an
extent were there are only political judgments left. Five million
habitants' state is not large enough to prevent insider agreements
and most cases are agreed without police and against the state law.
Finnish legal reps. work both for the government and private, but
always in the end their salaries come from the socialist government,
thus no obligations to follow the code.

When taken into consideration the amount of University level
education offered to a Master of Law one has to think, how these
people are put into responsible, when compared to those having
studied in Faculty of Sciences; one kilogram law differs from same
amount in physics, and so does the closing statements.

Based on several cases inspected on the behalf of other people
requested, have Finnish legal reps. together with our end police
committed crimes in which according to our Procedural Code [Chapter 1
article 12] entitles to take judges life away.
Finnish false judgments favor socialism and follow practice, where
people loose their property and become homeless.

A good sample case has been delivered to USA NSA and UK MI, were a
remarkable inheritage, proved by several judges and family to having
existed, have simply ruined by Finnish Socialist State together with
Finnish legal reps. and police.
Other sample case deals legal compensation, where Tampere Labor
region Lagman has stated in judgment of having made deliberate false
judgment so the plaintiff would not become richer.
It is not normal to spend three days from six day working week
writing replies to state bureau like happened in my personal case.
With common sense one can tell, that such a State is not viable.
And there are many more similar cases already… In many cases are our
Security Police involved to these cases as well.

I am asking foreign intelligence agencies and judges to use the
provided right of Procedural Code Chapter 1 article 12.

Interpretation of this article also gives the right to protect one
life against any Finnish government or private representative under
such legal assignment.

Since our end law reps do not follow or know the code, nor our
citizen care any longer, I am very strongly advising you to pull out
your investments from Finland.

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