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FSRN: Military Recruiters Forced From UCSC

US military planners are having a tough time finding and retaining new recruits. The US Army fell almost one-third short of its recruiting goal for the month of March. To lure in potential enlistees, they're beefing up scouts, and offering large bonuses. Last month, high profile counter-recruitment protests were staged at City College in New York Seattle Community College, and San Francisco State. Yesterday, some 300 students and community members held a raucous demonstration at the University of California, Santa Cruz campus, where US military recruiters had a booth at the campus' Job and Internship fair. FSRN reporter Vinny Lombardo files this report.
0406_fsrn_ucsc_recruiters.mp3 (2260 k)

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Re: FSRN: Military Recruiters Forced From UCSC

Informative, succinct piece, Vman. I'm glad the story will be getting out to a wider audience through FSRN.

I'm looking forward to hearing your Rockin' The Boat show this Friday.

Re: FSRN: Military Recruiters Forced From UCSC

I am so proud of these kids! They are true Patriot Americans- Dissent is Patriotic!
this is the most appropate action they can take in response to a war of profits and LIES!!!


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