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Bill Motto Post to Commemorate War Dead

When: Sunday, April 10th, 1PM
Where: On Front St. in front of Post Office Downtown Santa Cruz
Please join the Bill Motto post in commemorating those who have died in Iraq.

They will place wreaths for the U.S. soldiers as well as for the Iraqi dead.

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Re: Bill Motto Post to Commemorate War Dead

Disappointed in the editor's reduction of my article. The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5888 is honoring all foreign warriors, regardless of nationality. please post the entire article, as submitted. The article as posted is horrendously abbreviated from the submitted article. Contact Daniel Young at for the complete article.

Response to Daniel Young

Actually Daniel, Santa Cruz Indymedia is different from most forms of media becuase articles are not submitted to editors and editors do not publish articles, people just like you and me do! In the case of this post to sc-imc's open-publishing newswire, the author is listed as "Ann Simonton"

Ann is an activist in the community and has an organization called, "Media Watch." I believe that she published this information on santa cruz imc to help spread the word about this important event.

Daniel, you can publish an article anytime on Santa Cruz Indymedia and it will be posted directly on the site with all the words (and images, audio and video) you want. be the media ((i))

Re: Bill Motto Post to Commemorate War Dead

Thank you for the clarificaion, "local". I am pasting the complete post below. Hope to see you, Sunday.
"Death Has No Enemy"
The Bill Motto VFW Post 5888 shall host a memorial to honor the fallen warriors, and civilian deaths, of the Iraqi War. Two years ago the post held this memorial and there was only four American soldiers who had died in combat. Now that number is well over 1,500. Some estimates, including a US study, give the figure of over 100,000 Iraqi deaths since the invasion.
We make no distinction as to the nationality of the fallen warriors. We honor both. the American and Iraqi soldiers.
Death has no enemy.
Although we struggle against the forces That sacrifices our sons.
We honor and love the spirit of the fallen soldier.
Think not that our salute to these comrades expresses support for war. It is an acknowledgement of how precious life is
When life is no more.
Place- World War Two Memorial
Front St, Top of the Mall. Santa Cruz. (Across from Veterans Hall.)
Time- 1:00 P.M.
Date - Sunday April 10th.
Event - A special ceremony and prayer for the fallen soldiers of the Iraqi War
American- Indian Veteran, Harold, will give a special prayer for warriors.
Post member Steve Bare will sing Amazing Grace. A wreath shall be laid at the War Memorial.
Then we shall proceed to the Town Clock and lay a wreath at the Collateral Damage Statue to honor the civilians who have died in the war.
All are welcome who wish to pay their respects.
Contact- Chris Matthews - 812-426-8620 Chaplain
Bill Motto VFW Post 5888


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