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Obituary - David Riebandt

The unexplained passing of Monterey Bay local, David Riebandt - a general announcement.
Several weeks ago, an acquaintance of mine came to a quiet but sudden, as yet unexplained end. In his apartment barely a block away from where I'm writing this, his joining with the great beyond came as a complete shock to everyone who knew him. By all accounts he was healthy, young, and not in the habit of doing dangerous things. It was not self induced and was not the result of injury. The cause of his death is so far, a mystery.

He was for a time, a Santa Cruz resident, hence the announcement you see here. We thought it important to extend this information across the bay for anyone who might have known him from that time.

A statement was written by close friends of David and I would like to share it here:

"David Richard Riebandt is remembered and honored for his wide-ranging intelligence, his outrageous sense of humor, his enthusiasm for life, his ebullience, and for his compassion and generous heart.

He was able to touch and move his friends so deeply because he could really listen to someone in need.

A Pacific Grove resident, he was born in 1969 in Hemit, CA, and died March 14, 2005, in Pacific Grove. He was 35.

He was a computer networks expert, student of ninjitsu, musician and writer. He was well-informed and passionate about politics, movies and music. He loved coffee, beer, cigarettes, hiking around the coast, and hanging out with his friends and his cat Puck. At the time of his death he was employed by the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey as a laboratory network administrator.

He is survived by his loving family of friends, and by his mother, father, and half-sister. His ashes will be laid to rest in a private memorial service."

Memorial contributions may go to the John XXIII AIDS Ministry for the Needle Exchange PO Box 1931 Monterey, CA 93940 831.784.6969 and the Land of Medicine Buddha.


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