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Why support the strike on April 14th?

The UC behaves like a corporation, taking advantage of vulnerable workers and spending millions on luxuries for top executives.
why_support_strike.pdf (354 k)
"I work long nights cleaning the best that i can in order to provide a clean and comfortable environment for students. I am glad to see UCSC growing and constructing new buildings. But I know that we are already stretched thin to clean the existing buildings, and I have serious concerns that the University will have us clean these new buildings without anymore assistance. Although I work full time at UCSC, my family and I are still barely getting by."

- Maria Pinto, Custodian at the Music Center, 4 years working at UCSC

Meanwhile, 65 top executives recently pocketed $2.4 million in bonuses, and a new $192,000 position was invented for the chancellor's partner.

We need your help.

- join us on the picket line

- help organize: talk with your friends, come to a meeting of the Student and Worker Coalition for Justice: thursday's at 8pm in Porter C002 (underneath the hungry slug), urge your professors not to hold classes during the strike, and chat with workers.....

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