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CUE: The Coalition of University Employees (i.e. The Clerical Union)

We are the people who

• process all of your records, financial aid, payroll, accounts, invoices, grades and evaluations, housing and food necessities, etc…

• Catalog and shelve books and magazines for you

• Schedule your classes, and reserve rooms and equipment

• Run Resource Centers for your needs, cultural, academic, etc.…

• Facilitate programs for your education and entertainment

• Advise you and provide information to prepare you for tenures, reviews and graduations
At the UCSC campus, we are 600 administrative assistants, library assistants, program assistants, college and departmental advisers, secretaries, public safety dispatchers, childcare assistants, cashiers, and more.


• Wages that reflect inflation and the high cost-of-living

• Respect on-the-job and a chance to advance.

• No increases in parking fees and health premiums.

• Wage parity between campuses


• 80% of us earn less than a living wage at UCSC. (California Budget Project)

•The majority of us are women and/or people of color.

• A recent study released by the National Low Income Housing Coalition in D.C. showed that Santa Cruz County is the fifth most expensive county in the country in which to be a renter. They estimate that a typical worker needs to earn at least $25.90 an hour (or $53,872/yr) to be able to afford a two-bedroom rental in Santa Cruz County. 100% of the UC Clericals earn far below this.
“Wage Parity? between campuses has to do with the fact that because UCSC was originally zoned as a “rural? area, Clericals in certain classifications at UC Santa Cruz earn up to 15% less than what their counterparts make at other UC campuses, for doing exactly the same work.

• With continued campus expansion and hiring freezes, clerical workloads have increased exponentially with no sign of stopping, often leading to job-related injuries.

• UCSC has the highest number of workers compensation cases out of all the UC campuses; low-wage Clerical, Service and Student Workers account for the vast majority of these cases.


For more information, contact CUE at cueorganizer (at) or (831) 420-0258 also check out:


“I process the paperwork that keeps the Physical and Biological Science division running smoothly for students, faculty and staff. I feel good about the work I do. But with three kids at home, on UC wages, every month I’m running in the negative. I get tired of not being able to take my kids to anywhere fun for them.?

- Michelle Tapiz

Administrative Assistant
Married with three children


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Re: CUE: The Coalition of University Employees (i.e. The Clerical Union)

Should an individual be able to afford a 2-bedroom apartment on their own?

I want to drive a Hummer. That costs a lot of money, why shouldn't that be part of my "living" wage?

What you say? That's a luxury? that's environmentally irresponsible? Of course it is. But so is having a 2-bedroom aparment as an individual. And it promotes urban sprawl!

Re: CUE: The Coalition of University Employees (i.e. The Clerical Union)

To the person who said that having a 2 bedroom appartment is a luxury: What about families with 2 or more children? Do you expect an entire family of 4 to live together in one room? Imagine you and your family in this living condition.

Re: better negotiation tools?

hello. do you think that CUE might benefit from some labor negotiations classes to make them better and sharper in negotiating with the University? Maybe we need to hire somebody really GOOD to help us. It is depressing reading the updates from CUE because its just like ........all the updates are bad.


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