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A14 Strike: Convergence For Central Coast Anti-Arnold Movement!

From the Monterey Bay Central Labor Council:

It's time for us to stand up to Schwarzenegger TOGETHER!

On Thursday April 14 Santa Cruz will once again be the EPICENTER of a statewide UC workers strike! This time, blue collar AFCSME members, clerical CUE members and professional & technical UPTE/CWA members will JOIN FORCES for an unfair labor practices strike against Arnold Schwarzeneggers' administration.

And at 5:30 PM at the main (High St) gate to UCSC on that afternoon, THE WHOLE CENTRAL COAST ANTI-ARNOLD MOVEMENT will join the UC strikers in a protest that combines strike solidarity with opposition to Arnold's attack on teachers, nurses, firefighters, retirement security, union rights, disabled workers, schools and working families across California. Let's be there!

Upcoming Events:

The MBCLC Monterey County Labor-Neighbor Committee meets Saturday April 16 at the 9 AM pancake breakfast at the LUPE Firehouse Center, 1330 E Alisal St in Salinas.

The MBCLC's May Day "Standing Up to Schwarzenegger" May Day Party, featuring State Treasurer Phil Angelides and CNA President Denorah Burger, is coming up at 6 PM on May 1 at the Portuguese Hall in Santa Cruz.

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