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Reopen the Pacific Cannabis Cooperative!

Reopen the Only Medical Marijuana Distributory in Santa Cruz !
See also "Medical Marijuana Provider and In-Home Caregiver on Trial in Santa Cruz" at

and "City Bureaucrats Shut Down Only Medical Marijuana Club Under Rotkin's Law" at

Text of Flyer for those with difficulty downloading it:

STOP the Rotkin Council’s War on Medical Marijuana !
END D.A. Bob Lee’s Crackdown on Roger Mentch !
REOPEN the Pacific Coast Cooperative Downtown !

Protest closing of the only medical marijuana distribution center in Santa Cruz (the Pacific Coast Cooperative at 903 Pacific Ave.). It leaves patients without their medicine yet again in a city which is solidly on record as supporting the rights of sick people to use marijuana for the relief of their symptoms. No other California city bans marijuana dispensaries in the entire downtown area.

The current site of the PCC across from the Metro is ideal for low-income patients and homeless people who must use public transportation. Some in wheelchairs, find it difficult to get to the “permitted? industrial zones of the city to get their medicine (where landlords and the Planning Dept. have so far never allowed a center to open anyway).

The current City code (which closed all dispensaires) is unworkable, fiscally unsound, and treats medical marijuana patients like hardcore alcoholics (applying the same legal restrictions). It's time to end to the Drug Prohibition War downtown against young people selling marijuana (recreational or medical). Criminalizing the poor for innocent activity that should be legal is a violent abuse of basic human rights.

D.A. Bob Lee’s recent prosecution of Felton Hemporium care provider Roger Mentch, who faces seven years in jail for possessing 1 ½ oz. of medical marijuana--a greedy corrupt policy which strengthens illegitimate police and judicial power.

Let the City Council of Santa Cruz pass an emergency ordinance modifying the medical marijuana ordinance by removing the downtown area as a prohibited location. They also need to speed up the process for other dispensaries bogged down seeking a special use permit in other parts of the City. Proposition 215, AB 420, and Measure A have already provided a framework, if City Council acts to reform its law.

If the Santa Cruz City Council fails to act at once, we need direct action, public protest and civil disobedience to raise public consciousness and political pressure to change local law and policy that has blocked the opening of medical marijuana dispensaries in Santa Cruz for five years.

Call the Rotkin Council at 420-5020: legalize the PCC !

Call Mayor Rotkin at 423-5023 to schedule a meeting with him !

Call D.A. Bob Lee at 454-2400: end the war against marijuana !

Call the Pacific Coast Cooperative at 454-0215 to support and assist !

Check out the benefit for Roger Mentch at the Vet’s Hall 847 Front St. April 22nd from 8 PM to midnight, tickets $10 in advance, $15-20 at the door.

Back Roger Mentch [The Hemporium] 295-3511 at May 2nd sentencing !

Flyer by Norse of HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom) 4-11-05 831-423-4833 rnorse3 (at)

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