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A State of Emergency: Tent University Santa Cruz

From April 18th-22nd, hundreds of students, faculty, staff, and community members will gather and camp at the base of the UC Santa Cruz campus and construct a tent encampment, thus uniting UC Santa Cruz with its greater municipal
district and empowering both communities toward re-aligning the university’s practices more wholly with the values of education, democracy and transcommunality.
Tent University's efforts to organize a forum for students and community members to voice concerns about UC Santa Cruz's practices has been met with contempt from University officials. By refusing to allow the use of land in designated free-speech zones, UC Santa Cruz officials have committed to violating the fundamental rights of free speech and assembly, as well as repressing the communal voice of students, UC workers and local community members created by Tent University. Consequently, Tent University is calling for an emergency state of action: to mobilize our rights to free speech for the purpose of enhancing the institutional quality of UCSC.

As part of a national student movement with Rutgers University in New Jersey and University of Missouri in Kansas City, Tent University is the biggest manifestation of student activism and cultural festivities on campus. Along with community outreach, the initial reason for our gathering is to democratically devise strategies to reform UCSC’s unjust budget priorities that cause labor exploitation and educational decline on campus.

In order to provide a concrete alternative to UCSC, Tent University serves as a student-run alternative university, one based on principles of solidarity, community, and creativity. UCSC professors, students, community members and career activists will lead classes, workshops and teach-ins on a wide variety of subjects concerning the marginalization of higher education.

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