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Long Live Tent University! Rally on Monday!

At a meeting on Monday between members of UCSC upper-administration, campus police, and several Tent University Santa Cruz (TUSC) organizers, the police-administraion delegation asserted in no uncertain terms that they will act to prevent Tent University Santa Cruz from taking place. At the very outset of our scheduled commencement of Tent U next Monday morning, a sizeable police presence will likely be assembled at the base of campus, ready to (try to) dismantle any tents we attempt to erect and arrest anyone who does not comply with their orders.
The admininstrators at the meeting threatened that campus judicial procedures do not work like city ones, where there is a specific penalty for a specific crime, so they can legally take whatever punitive actions they deem appropriate. They collected the names and ID numbers of the four TUSC organizers at the meeting, before reading them a list of possible consequences for carrying out plans to organize Tent U. Among the potential consequences they listed off was expulsion.

The administrators said they were upset because, according to them, we have lied throughout the process of our negotiations. That we have been anything but truthful and straightforward with them is a serious misconception on their part: We have been extremely transparent in every aspect of our organizing of Tent University, and we have been very direct in responding to their concerns. Unfortunately, UCSC's upper-administration are operating under a series of illusions regarding the purpose of Tent University, and this has caused them to overreact to a staggering extent.

As the UCSC administration's attitude toward TUSC clearly demonstrates, the biggest lie of all is that which goes unstated: that UCSC students are free, autonomous agents of their own educational destinies.
We, the Tent U organizers, devised TUSC as an event that, while certainly subversive, would above all be educational, festive, and entirely non-violent.

We urgently need support. We will continue to negotiate with campus administration to the best of our ability (without compromising any of our central principles, of course), but our need for a large critical mass at Tent U is now much greater than ever before.

PLEASE JOIN US THIS MONDAY AT BAY TREE PLAZA AT 11 A.M.! With our basic free speech rights dramatically under assault, we will rally and march to the base of campus, where we will conduct a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The administration has informed us that they will begin arresting people once we begin setting up structures, so we will hold the first day of Tent U without any structures to establish it as a positive, educational, and festive space.

We hope to see you this Monday.

Down with the UCSC administration's enclosures!


Yours for the causes of freedom, liberation, and democracy,

The Tent University Santa Cruz organizers

P.S.: Stay posted to indymedia and for continued updates on Tent U's situation with members of the police and administration.

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Re: Long Live Tent University! Rally on Monday!

Me think you do the rite thing - raze the tents and pizz off the Universe City - in my native tongue we say, "Mago deyno goots pargi catzu!"

Viva La Nueva Universidad!

Salutations and solidarity to the organizers who are not being intimidated by UC bureaucrats, police, city officials, etc.

I urge the community to support this effort.

Re: Long Live Tent University! Rally on Monday!

I see you aren't proponents of free expression here in the "indymedia center;"taking down my last post about how you need to stop spending your parents money and get a life.
Pretty lame. I thought for sure Libs like y'all would at least support the freedom to speak your mind. Must feel threatened. Puss.


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