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Mayor Stalls on Public Records Request For His Schedule

Mayor Rotkin has not yet replied (required within 10 days) to a Public Records Act request that he release his schedule of appointments.
The following letter was hand-delivered to the Mayor's office on April 14th.

Having access to the Mayor is an important issue, particularly after he (and Councilmember Porter) have cut back public comment time at City Council. (See "Rotkin's Council to Cut Back Public Comment" story from late March)


309 Cedar PMB #14B
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

April 14, 2005

To: Mayor Mike Rotkin and Assistant City Manager Martin Bernal

Dear Mayor Rotkin and Martin Bernal:

In late March, I made a public records act request of the City Staff, asking the Mayor to provide a copy of all documents regarding his schedule of meetings in March and April.

In early April, I received a letter from City Clerk Leslie Cook telling me that the Mayor kept his own schedule and that city staff had no information on this issue.

Earlier this week I spoke with Leslie and reaffirmed that the Public Records Act request was being made of Mayor Rotkin, not of her or the City Staff and hence her reply was unresponsive. She agreed to forward the request to Mayor Rotkin.

When I spoke to Leslie yesterday, she confirmed she had spoken to Mayor Rotkin but heard nothing from him and suggested I resubmit this Public Records Act request to include both Martin Bernal and Mayor Rotkin.

I am doing this. But I note that I received no meaningful response from Mayor Rotkin within the ten day period required by the law to my original request.

It is my understanding that under the Sunshine Act Initiative passed by the California voters last November, officials state and local are required to disclose their prospective schedules as well as any written record of the meetings they've had. On speaking with Peter Scheer of the First Amendment Coalition in San Francisco last week, I was advised that no elected official in California has so far refused such a Public Records Act request (the case of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger being the most prominent).

Please release to me immediately a copy of the Mayor's schedule of appointments for March, April, and May.



Robert Norse

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