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Service Workers Stage One Day Strike Against UC

A one day strike was staged Thursday at the nine University of California campuses, and five medical centers, by service workers demanding better pay, advancement opportunities and a stop to hiring discrimination. Members of other unions, including the IWW, UAW, UPTE, and AFT were out in solidarity to support the stirikers. Santa Cruz Metro bus drivers honored Thursday's picket lines, refusing to bring students onto campus. Scabs were brought in for some jobs, while other workers also crossed the lines citing financial hardship. Contract talks continue next week in Oakland.
Workers say they will continue strike actions if the demand for a fair contract is not met.

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Interviews from UCSC Strike / Entrevistas de la Huelga en UCSC

Two audio clips, one English one Spanish, from the early morning of April 14th.
Dos entrevistas, una en Español y una en Inglés, de la mañana del 14 de Abril.
huelga.mp3 (1329 k)
ucscstrike.mp3 (2198 k)
I arrived at the East Gate of UCSC about 7:15 and talked to some of the striking workers & organizers about their demands and greivences with the Regents and the University. Apologies for the hum.

Llegue a la entrada Este de UCSC a las 7:15 y hable con unos trabajadores y organizadores en huelga. Hablaron de sus demandas y quejadas con los Regents y la Universidad. Disculpe el sonido.


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