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May 18, National Call to Action Against Halliburton in Houston, Texas

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This is a national call to action to everyone and anyone who is ready and willing to hold corrupt corporations accountable. As the leading war profiteer, Halliburton represents corporate cronyism at its worst, with its former CEO engineering lucrative no-bid contracts worth billions in his new role as Vice President.

In 2001, KBR, a Halliburton company, was given a carte blanche open-ended contract to run military operations anywhere in the world for profit. Issued by the pentagon LOGCAP, Logistics Civil Augmentation Program, guarantees that where the U.S. Government is waging war, Halliburton and KBR will be mopping up the blood of innocents and counting their money. The time to stop them is now!

Halliburton's operations are essential to the continuing U.S. presence in Iraq and forcing their withdrawal can shut down parts and motives of the U.S. occupation. An aggressive, relentless and innovative campaign will create an economic, political and social climate that will ultimately force Halliburton out of Iraq while serving as a deterrent for other corporations. That campaign has begun and the time to act is now!

We've petitioned, held vigils, marched and cried out. Little has changed. We must do more and be willing to risk more. The need for Direct Action is here and Houston is ready. On May 18, we will descend upon the Halliburton Shareholders' meeting from around the country en masse to put our bodies and creative resistance to use.

From across the country, we are calling on every able bodied group or individual to form close knit affinity groups and stand beside us here in the Belly of the Beast. From San Francisco to Baltimore, Chicago to New Orleans and every point in between, we need creative, dedicated folks to stand with us and challenge Halliburton and their shareholders on May 18 in Houston. A legal protest will take place, however, we encourage affinity groups to plan autonomous non-violent direct actions or participate in civil disobedience.

Housing will be available to those in need. A series of Nonviolent Direct Action preparations and trainings will take place in the weeks prior to the day of protest to maximize our collective impact. Trainings will include direct action workshops, effective messaging tactics, de-escalation tactics, holding and keeping public space, street safety techniques, nonviolent civil disobedience and mobile street tactics. There will be local people, lawyers and others with experience available to help in navigating the legal system, assist with risk assessment and provide jail support. A series of spokescouncil meetings will take place prior to May 18 to coordinate and organize direct action efforts beginning May 15.

Let's foster strategy, solidarity and revolt!

For more information: Houston_DA (at) or or

Flyers for distribution are available in PDF format below.

When printing these posters and flyers DO NOT RESIZE THEM TO "FIT TO PAGE" the documents measure the exact range of their respective page sizes. Printers margins have been compensated for; NO PORTION OF THESE DOCUMENTS WILL BE LOST IF YOU “PRINT TO EDGE?. They are all properly centered.

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