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Fight for Education April 20

Action in Defense of Education
Budget facts
Schwarzenegger’s Promise:
In 2004 the governor signed a bill suspending proposition 98, the constitutional amendment establishing a formula for minimum state spending on k-14 schools, from which 80% of school funding is provided. The bill was a result of negotiations between the governor and education advocates and specified that the state would cut $2 billion in prop 98 funding. In future years if state revenue exceeded budget projections, schools would receive any new Proposition 98 entitlement produced by those state revenues. As it stands, in 04’-05’ state revenue did exceed budgeted revenues adding $1.1 billion owed (on top of the $2 billion) and thus raising the 05’-06’ minimum by $1.2 billion.
SO WHERE IS THE Money?????
($4.3 Billion to be exact!)
Schwarzenegger has said he will not provide the money owed to k-14 schools because there are other social services that need funding, however at the same time he refuses to raise revenues through tax increases! Furthermore, he has proposed cutting in half the states contribution to the California State Teachers Retirement System thus putting those costs on school districts and teachers.

University of California and California State University:
UC and CSU tuitions have increased 8-10% this year alone. Over the past 3 years tuition has increased 67% and will continue to be increased for the next 5 years (IF we allow it)! At the same time, financial aid has been cut, classes are getting bigger, less space, and our quality of education is decreasing as the student professor/lecturer/TA ratio increases. Furthermore, outreach programs that are vital to the diversity and quality of our education are being annihilated. The consequences extend beyond students and faculty to the people who make campuses run, the workers, who are denied their right to living wages and will most likely never be able to send their children to the Universities they work so hard to maintain. In the meantime, the UC’s made a net profit of $786 million last year!The Governator plans to raise Community College tuition to $33 per unit, thats $396; this is not including taxes, parking permits and most importantly BOOKS!Funds for outreach, financial aid and other transfer/outreach programs are depleting while military recuitment funds increase for our High Schools and Commmunity Colleges APRIL 20TH STATE WIDE WALK-OUT! March from Base of UCSC campus @ 12 Noon, RALLY 2 PM @ SANTA CRUZ COUNTY BUILDING

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Re: Fight for Education April 20

"Schwarzenegger has said he will not provide the money owed to k-14 schools because there are other social services that need funding, however at the same time he refuses to raise revenues through tax increases!"

Good! Haven't enough businesses folded and jobs been lost already? Without business, you have no jobs. You want a free ride through school? I want to keep the employees I have without doing another round of layoffs. These people have families. They have small children! All you ever think about is yourself and what you want someone to give you for free. Be grateful you're in college at all. 2/3 of my people never could afford that luxury, but I hire them anyway because they're good honest people, and most of all they're hard working. Something maybe you'll start learning about now, with the price of higher education finally rising to meet the actual cost of providing education. You're not doing well in Economics, are you.


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