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ROTC, Military Recruiters Off Campus Now!

Those who oppose the rapacious wars of U.S. imperialism abroad must also oppose the war drive at home. This means opposing the draconian assaults on civil liberties like the USA-Patriot Act, opposing the witchhunts in the universities against pro-Palestinian and leftist professors, as well as opposing recruiters for the armed forces. By failing to put opposition to military recruiters and ROTC in the context of the fight to abolish bourgeois militarism and imperialism, the reformist left’s campaigns promote illusions in a reformed bourgeois military and a “democratic? imperialism. The SYC participates in struggles against military recruiters on campus, seeking to link these struggles to the social power of the working class, and to win youth to the understanding that only a revolutionary, proletarian fight against imperialism and bourgeois militarism can succeed. Join us!


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Re: ROTC, Military Recruiters Off Campus Now!

Can you tell me more about the witchhunts? They don't seem to be particularly effective since I can think of one professor that openly approved of the loss of life in the WTC attacks and yet he still has his job. I'm glad to see that because presumably he was expressing his opinions and meant to encourage debate. On the other hand, a certain college president who explicitly stated that he was going to make some statements in the hopes of stirring debate on the subject would be tarred and feathered if some leftist professors had their way.

Might the ROTC and the military be welcomed back on campus should one come under an attack by terrorists?

Re: ROTC, Military Recruiters Off Campus Now!

No they would not, because if one came under attack by terrorists, the military would be deemed an utter failure. If such an attack took place, one would have to wonder what the purpose of the war on terror was in the first place, and perhaps see the complete lack of terror threat to real civilisation, as opposed to Bush's false-civilisation of greed and material perversion.


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