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Clarifying UCSC (an email from UCSC's Division of Student Affairs)

The following is the text an email received at 5:53 PM on Saturday, April 16.

Subject: Clarifying UCSC

From: Gail Heit gail_heit (at)

To: tusc (at), bradley (at), slugjustice (at), tuscevents (at)

CC: gheit (at), jmscott (at)
Dear "Tent University Santa Cruz" (TUSC) List Subscribers:

Please accept our apology if you you receive this information muttiple times --it was difficult to distinguish between the various public list-serves.

We write to assure you that the University is committed to free speech. As a community and as an institution of higher education, we support civil debate, open dialogue, and alternative educational experiences.

We want to clarify that university has never objected to the daytime 7 a.m.– 8 p.m. programming (workshops, classes, lectures, and non-amplified music) TUSC has proposed-- as these are the hours the campus is normally open to the public.

We have communicated this to TUSC organizers and have offered to grant policy exceptions to allow for the daytime placement of “easy-up? –type canopy tents, tables and chairs to facilitate these activities at their chosen location at the base of campus. We have offered the Quarry Amphitheater during the noon hour to TUSC for amplified music (bands) throughout the week.

What the university cannot permit, and what is not at all related to “free speech? is the establishment of a campsite on campus where students and the general public have been invited to bring their own tents and live for a week. We urge you not to confuse these issues. The University and the City of Santa Cruz have very clear policies, regulations and laws regarding camping and we will be obliged to enforce them.


Gail Heit and Jean-Marie Scott
Associate Vice Chancellors
Division of Student Affairs
U.C. Santa Cruz

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Re: Clarifying UCSC (an email from UCSC's Division of Student Affairs)

Reading Gail Heit and JM Scott's email, I'm struck by two things.First, in the last paragraph, they say "what the University cannot permit..." which makes me question "who exactly is the University?" From the email, I would guess it to be these two women. Secondly, they say there is a clear policy regarding camping (which I assume means none), however, the Agroecology students all live in tents. OK, so I guess it's all right for them, but not all right for TUSC.
This is a beautiful example of bureaucratic doublespeak.

who is the university

JM Scott is in charge of housing on campus. The university makes LOTS of money forcing kids to pay $1000 a month for room and board. You can imagine how frightening this must be to a vice chancellor to imagine what might happen if lots of students decided not to get ripped off and said no to campus housing, if even for a week. Also, if you have EVER dealt with UCSC admin you know they have a hard-on for policy. If it isn't in the rulebook to wipe your arse from front to back then JM Scott and Gail Heit won't let you do it. This is interesting indeed, but what I want to know, reading other threads is how accountable these women are to their apparent actions in authorizing the police to act and act how they did in the arrests.

Re: Clarifying UCSC (an email from UCSC's Division of Student Affairs)

Here's a copy of an e-mail I sent to Ms. Heit--
I'm just one of perhaps 100,000 people who have read your statements and seen the video of the confrontation, Ms. Heit..

I understand, Ms. Heit.

You are just following orders.

If the punishment does not fit the crime, well, the "criminals" should have realized that "disproportionate force" might be applied to their "crime" of trespassing. And in some cases, the "crime" of merely being an observer.

But I understand, Ms. Heit. You, personally, did not choke or beat anyone.

And besides, you were just following orders.

Is that Ms. Heit, or is that Ms. Heil?

A Spector


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