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Union Protest Shuts Down University of California Santa Cruz

A long time ago, the UCSC was classified as a "rural" area by the UC reagents: thus setting the payscale for clerical workers 15% lower than at other state universities. While perpetrating this injustice, the UCSC administration has piled others on: paying themselves 2.4 million dollars in bonuses, raising tutition, and somehow retaining a reserve of 5 BILLION DOLLARS while allowing the gap between USCS clerical workers and other UC employees to widen.

Strikers shutdown the university for a full day on Thursday.

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Here are some photos and a video of the action:
an excellent video and complete coverage is already online





all of the above are 816x616 and here's some raw video from my cheapo HP camera:



David Roknich,



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UC Liberalism a joke

Funny how UCSC has a reputation as a bastion of liberalism. Behind the scenes are those in management positions who rail on about "team playing" and yet do NOTHING that may jeoporadize their careers when it comes to helping clerical or non-managerial staff. Management positions at UCSC have bloated to the extent that there are few staff that actually work (as in doing tasks) at the University. The newest approach beyond consolidating clerical positions, or not rehiring when there is a retirement (hey have a pen on the Univ. when you retire!) but by having students do many of the tasks regular employees did. The beauty of this is that you don't have to pay retirement, or benefits or even raises that mean a damn! The other aspect of UCSC pay is that they aren't paying wages that match the cost of living in Santa Cruz, nor is it based on simply rural wages...they analyze basically what is the lowest amount they can get away with paying (again we're talking grunt clerical or custodial work). So in a community filled with such high paying jobs as working at Starbucks or a used clothing store or a bookstore, UCSC management KNOWS that UC employees aren't likely to quit their sucky jobs and work at McDonalds instead. YES this is a brilliant strategy to save money for UCSC, but it's kinda a rotten thing for so-called "liberals" to be doing to the folks around them. I wonder how all these "liberal" managers at UCSC sleep at night.


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