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TUSC Direct Democracy Forum Votes To Stay Put

Brief update on Tent University Santa Cruz
After fifteen separate groups of 8-15 students, faculty, and community members debated and chose representatives, the Tent University Santa Cruz gathering consensed on proceeding with their original plan of setting up tents and staying overnight at the base of campus at Bay and High streets.

TUSC negotiators noted that university authorities have renewed their threat to send in the police at 8 PM (though sleeping is not illegal until 11 PM) to make arrests if TUSC goes forward with its planned encampment.

University bureaucrats offered the Quarry as an alternative sleeping site, but for students only.
They gave no reason why one site was superior to the other or less "illegal".

The university camping law allows the UC police chief to exempt any particular camping event. One student announced he was going to present a formal written request to the police chief to document their response.

There were numerous views expressed during the community debate on how to respond to UCSC adminstrator threats. TUSC participants generally agreed that the Bay and High site was more accessible to the community, that camping was an important part of TUSC's outreach to the community and creating a shared space, that the University's concerns were not based on real health and safety issues, and that Tent Universities elsewhere and the country had been similarly threatened by administrations, but gone ahead successfully.

Folks are urged to join us at Bay and High Streets tonight (administrators have threatened to send in the bulls at 8 PM) and for the tent classes in the days to come.

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