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2am update called in from outside county jail at 259 Water St.

A caller phoned in this information from outside the jail at 259 Water St in Santa Cruz.
20 people are being held in jail. 60 people are outside the jail to offer support

No word yet on what the charges are, but apparently people will be released in an hour if they sign arraignment papers.

Decisions are being made right now about what to do tomorrow.

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2:45am update called in from outside county jail at 259 Water St.

1 person has been released from jail so far. This person was released because he/she/other gave the police information about his/her/other identity.

The rest of the people in jail are not voluntarily giving the police information about their identities.

Fingerprints are being taken.

The police will also be searching our jailed friends and any belongings they may have with them to try and determine who their identity.

About 45 people are outide the jail in solidarity.

Re: 2am update called in from outside county jail at 259 Water St.

"831-454-2420 is the number to the Santa Cruz County Jail. I called at about 1:30am. I could hear tons of people outside cheering! Also, the guard reported that she had no idea how many arrests were made. She said folks are being "uncooperative."

The UC police were no help either. They put me on hold for 5 minutes before I hung up and called back, only to be told, to call tomorrow..."

3:45 update from outside county jail

some people may be released soon, but nothing much has changed in the last hour. the number of people outside the jail has reduced, but more friends are on the way to offer food, blankets and rides back to ucsc as people slowly get released from the SCC jail. --> solidarity


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