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NIFC Speak Out Against Fascist Targeting of Irish Americans

NIFC Speak Out Against Fascist Targeting of Irish Americans
Cumann Na Saoirse Naisiunta ( National Irish Freedom Committee) is voicing its concern regarding the recent targeting of the Irish American community by the neo-nazi group styling itself the "National Alliance".

This has been noted by the Southern Poverty Law Center and reported in the Irish Voice newspaper ( 13 April 2005).

This group has held events under various guises across the country, including the "European Cultural Association", Some Irish music groups, pipe bands and dance companies have been duped into thinking these were to be legitimate cultural events.

The Irish community in America itself, in times not long past, were met with racial prejudice and sectarian hatred themselves from the Klu Klux Klan, the Know-Nothing party, and other hate groups.

As Irish Republicans we believe in the concepts of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity and that such ideals belong to all people. Irish Republicans took part in the fight against fascism during the Spanish Civil War and fought the Blueshirts off the streets of Dublin in the 1930s.

The NIFC, through it's cultural program, engage in cultural related activities for the purpose of providing and promoting a medium to raise the cultural and historical level of consciousness amongst those of Irish heritage. The National Irish Freedom Committee views the attempt to link our heritage with their hatred as despicable.

We call on all Americans of Irish descent to speak out against such hate groups and intolerance.

P.O. Box 771084 Woodside, NY 11377

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