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Solidarity Rally With Sunshine Villa Workers

Thursday, April 21, 2005
12 noon - 1:00 PM
Foot of the Municipal Wharf in Santa Cruz
Tell Sunshine Villa Owners:

No Union Busting in Santa Cruz!

SEIU Local 415 and Sunshine Villa Workers have joined forces to form a union but, for more than five months, the owners have refused to bargain. (80% voted for Union))

Workers want a union because they believe:

·Workers get less than a Living Wage; and,
·Substandard Medical and other benefits. (No paid insurance for family; big co-pays)
·Residents and workers suffer from short staffing.
·Workers can’t speak Spanish at the job site; 90% are women and people of color
·High worker turnover hurts everyone and they fired the key union activist

The out of state corporate owners of Sunshine Villa have brought in high priced lawyers from anti-union Littler Mendelson and consultants (persuaders) to defeat the Union. The time they spend at the Villa must translate into thousands of dollars.

In March 2005, the National Labor Relations Board cited Sunshine Villa for Unfair Labor Practices. During the last year, the California State Community Care Licensing has cited them for numerous resident care violations.
Santa Cruz is a Union Town!

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Re: Solidarity Rally With Sunshine Villa Workers

See you at noon!


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