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New zine by Political Prisoners Jeffrey 'Free' Luers and Rob 'los Ricos' Thaxton

Heartcheck is a 40 page zine with new, unpublished
writings and artwork by political prisoners Jeff 'Free'
Luers and Robert 'Los Ricos' Thaxton. The zine is printed
on recycled paper by 1984 Printing in Oakland, California
and has a 4 color cover with original artwork.

From the introduction:

"With millions of people dying, the environment being
poisoned and destroyed by consumerism, there really are
only three kinds of people: the victims, the problem, and
the solution.

This zine is dedicated to the latter. The time for
rhetoric is over. The time for action has arrived. We hope
that the writings contained within will begin a
much-needed discussion on real solutions and alternatives
sorely lacking in radical circles. We hope these words
will only be the beginning of something much larger."

ALL proceeds from the sale of this zine will benefit both
political prisoners. Show solidarity for these political
prisoners and get a copy [or 10!] today.

How to Order Heartcheck:

Heartcheck is available directly from us- either through
our Eugene PO Box or online at the Clamor Infoshop. We
will be posting a list of local bookstores, infoshops and
distributions that are carrying Heartcheck shortly.

* A single copy of Heartcheck is $7 postage-paid.
* Pricing for multiple copies:(prices include postage):
2-5 copies for $6 each, 6-9 copies for $5 each.
* The wholesale price (10 or more copies) is $4 each.
* For international orders, please order from the Clamor

You can buy one online by going to the Clamor infoSHOP
at or

You can also send a check/postal money order or
well-concealed cash made out to 'Free's Defense Fund' and
put 'Heartcheck' on the memo line, to Free's Defense Fund,
PO Box 3, Eugene, OR 97440. Please enclose your address,
how many copies you want and your email on a seperate

We will contact you if there are any problems with your
order. Please have patience with the order but feel free
to email us at freefreenow (at) if you have any
questions. All orders are sent at the cheapest rate which
is usally media mail but may be first-class for single
copies of the zine. If you want it sent priority or
flat-rate, you will need to include that amount in what
you send us.

If you work at a bookstore, infoshop or run a zine
distribution, please contact us. Also, review copies will
be sent out to a limited number of zines. Contact us if
you have interest in reviewing Heartcheck.

More information and images about this zine is available

Plug into the June 2005 Weekend of Resistance for Jeff
'Free' Luers at

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