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E-OK What do you think?

What do you think?

It seems everybody is in some way looking all over the place
for that illusive internet trust system (Symbol) said to be essential
for E-transactions, however it appears something has been going on
unnoticed for quite some time and it's already recognized and routinely
used and accepted as the acronym of simple approval
and understanding by internet users.

But do you think E-OK could somehow be developed into
and become that true and trusted symbol of E-transactions?
The following information was gathered from Yahoo.

When it comes to E-communications, everything seems to
be positively E-OK, the acronym used as a symbol
of understanding and approval in electronic communications.
The 106th US congress, 24th January 2000 approval of E-sign,
Clinton gave the President's E-OK to the digital signatures
for global and national commerce law S.761 (E-sign act).
The Netherlands are now using the E-OK for internet certifying
and classifying Authorizing for European E-commerce.
Schools give E-OK to E-learning. Hospital physicians use E-OK programs,
so on and so on. Seems in E-commerce everything's becoming E-OK.
In many ways E-OK will be connected to most everything on and off the
Internet, some say it's only the tip of the iceberg.
When it comes to E-communications and E-business, E-transactions,
everything seems to be E-OK. Some have even said we may have found
what could be "The Holy Grail" of trusted Transactions.

This Might be interesting to check out:
On the yahoo search, type in any word after E-OK
and see what happens. Here are just a few

Type in , Law, Security, Legal, Validate, Certify, Acceptance, Authentication,
Transactions, Signatures, Business, Connection, Digital ,Communications,
and there are many many more.

E-OK Symbol Of Approval ?

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Re: E-OK What do you think?

Exactly what's needed

Re: E-OK What do you think?

who the heck is nl?

Re: E-OK What do you think?

I found the E-OK corp. the E-OK certifiers the, the E-OK KIDS, and the E-OK trademark, and the inactive domain name how would they all fit in to the E-OK equation?

Re: E-OK What do you think?

The posted and prolific article ''E-OK What Do You Think'' by Sandra G sounded E-OK to me, however, as an owner and user of the acronym E-OK as well as E-OK Inc. since 1990, E-OK(R), and others including I was just a little disappointed to find that we were not mentioned in her article's list of E-OK users. I can understand and agree that a trusted internet authority is very needed and it appears to be already manifesting, I think it is going to be very interesting to find how and if all this might come together if based on the acronym E-OK


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