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Santa Barbara Indy Media conflicts with State Department; State Department Reference number [ref#694721]

The developmental process for a On-line litigation process for prosecution and defense against the U.S. Government results in an Illegal action on-line that has controlled the Santa Barbara Indy Media Web-page for postings from Bellingham Wa.:
Please insure that this page is posting the following or that it is operating in normal procedures.
This was the content posted as of 12:51 today.
g00ns r00ted th1s

You have lied to the American People over and over again. You attend The Fifth Hope and spread your wicked ideology there. Expect more of this.
American Imperialism is non-existent. Our soldiers are dying over sees to give men, women, and children a taste of freedom and you call them imperialists. You are nothing but pigs. You are not against Bush you are against Republicans, you are against anyone who has a different opinion and way of thinking than you. Your box got rooted for lying to the American people. Here are some fun things for the visitors:

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Defaced by clorox

any others I forgot im so so sorry

This was the posting; that I needed to post today for legal reasons related to denied litigation funds from personal savings, for content disputes.
On-line litigation process
James Dedrick after dimidiation process.

Title: The Clone of Captain Ahab wanted the White Buffalo; Solipsism in Motion -

Summary:A threading argument through litigation problems, and metaphor…for examination of on-line copyrighting related to litigation for Veteran’s Affairs managements of funds for sustained “Tortuous Conduct in Economic Relations,? dealing with proper legal process for protection of intellectual property.

Body: I was in the cloning department when they manufactured the cloned likeness of Captain Ahab; as to say that a fictional character had to be psychologically cultured first then the cloned representation had to be contracted. He really was the likeness of the man…proven in a simple evaluation of his psyche at age 18. The doctor evaluated him and asked him a series of questions in which he replied that indeed the longing of the journey of the sea was a common thread of his conversations. At one point though the doctor asked him about his tattoo to which he responded. “It is the White Buffalo, the symbol of peace…that which I will have once I find this creature, birthed in the wild.? The doctor sent the images to the agency in charge of the experiment. His room he stated was filled with the ancient Indian myth…in his rebirth form he had sought to make good use of his obsessions and search for peace. Saying that in his previous self imaginational, solipsist of his creator’s machinations that he was driven to the point of no return, yet his competitive self seeking a form of retribution had undiscovered the metaphor and wanted to find the peaceful and sanguine harbinger of the promise of the Natives. Saying-- That had Ahab been on land he would surely have found a new obsession and that now he can repay the people who were taken from their property…the little old men and women, with thick skin, leathery protecting them from the sun’s, rays.
The doctor went to the Advisor of the national image and told the person, that the public affairs could recapitulate the expenses in the investigation of the soul of man if this were the outcome. Others, in the social sciences dealing with the profession of Macro-biology disagreed and began to cite complications from a recent denied natural resource bill that occurred last October; to deal with the placement of computers and that dealt with U.S.G.S. information resource security administrator…saying that this was a good theory and all but really we need a task force to understand these implications in social terms as we who research Macro-biology understand the dynamic thread through the….interrupting, the advisor said, “A good theory and all, I see no theory I see only ludicrous expenses seeking to define legitimacy for the intellectual curiosity that has investigated the process of human thought rather than the end goal, that to make rational investigations driven by real problems and not philosophical examinations of the nature of man through wasting federal resources and institutionalizing a process of spying on your neighbor to satisfy a market economy dealing with paranoia and prosecution.?
Good point, but we have to prove our justification to satisfy the last few years of our life…even if it means the destruction of common sense and the control of “a/man’s? perceptions to get there.
I said it was a good theory for that very reason you just placed a condition upon what you were saying…a specific man in question set against the constant discover of man at large…?a/man,? that is the very theory I was speaking of. The Advisor of the National Image said, “Continue,? to the social psychologist…who previously was a sociologist and now dealt with healing insane computer systems that manufactured scenarios for the Department of Agriculture. Let me give you a scenario…I was in the adder ladder, walking in form from each point in the system. The Captain of the base was in charge of the timing mechanism and had created rules and conditions for the management only in the event of a problem. Problem, solution, simple clean and efficient…no need to manufacture problems to solve future ones. I was amazed at the process so efficient, I would say that as a thorn on a rose stem not complete yet part of the whole that the distinctions of accountability drew thin on a razors edge. We were accountable and at the same time not. Each group moving in unison, making the world safe. Yet occasionally I knew I was the only one having these types of thoughts…and soon the uniqueness of them forced me to condition myself to understand the process of accountability in macro-biology, or the scaled system of biology.
The first term I tried to relate was Biological altruism; the active donation of ones resources at the expense of the donor; to which of course led to political discourse and in the political discourse ran a fever. A type of international metabolic systems, competing over energy and to find the relative joule would be difficult. Soon I became focused on the process of biological decision making models…how to derive the fundamental roots from social interaction. Could four variable placed on social context derive to root similarities…for instance could; People, Resources, Technology and Information or (PRTI) with primers of 23 chromosomes or variable cards in a interactive communication module result in a type of discovery for the human genome if (PRTI) was (ACGT) of course this theory not exact but, could a functional map be made to resolve the concepts of a Tenome that relative function for a Genome in macro biological systems to find a constant resolve and was it in fact gravity?
I began playing with theoretical information models to maintain control of decision making under certain assumptions. I used a complicated model called the biological decision making model; in theory if required functions could be based on non-discriminatory basis then you could model decision after a biological processes to maintain natural behavior in robotics that were based on distributed processing, a type of fluid processing for periods of inactive calculations. The first time it was used we took a random sample of a leaf and set directional formulas in many different models; symmetrical, hemispherical, so on…even polar coordinated or, well it did not really matter as long as the leaf could be deconstructed with three dimensional axis to direct the distance and placement for a proximal decision…the key word here is proximal, as you will see that proximal, and perfection are diametrically opposed if not rooted to goal orientation. The goal in this instance would be food. After review of the leaf set against the model the man went to place to eat and it was good, as he did not need to waste time on a process to create preferences…however in quite the irony the price of the food was $7.77 an added strange observation. He soon began using this model under the assumption that to make decisions he would one day require this to maintain all of the awareness that he needed to maintain his litigation…chuckle, chuckle.
He then began to realize that his process for reading and education himself was not altogether normal, he was an experimental person…we will use the word to describe him no as “We,? to insure the inclusion of accountability for the process of experimentation…that we are all experimented to understand the process of life. However some are experimented on and others experiment upon to solve or resolve curiosity but “We,? should all be accountable…especially if we are all created equal and not separated by a hegemonic empire masking its disease with the right of investigations into innocent people to propagate control and steal ideas. Proximal and perfection, distinct boundaries and indistinct functions…to the end road of awareness with judgment. A personality profile and an analogy to understand this behavior. I shook hands with the Hand and afterwards he said, “Do you think that you are as good as George Lucas?? not understanding the competitive base for this type of development I took it as a threat…as any competitive person should do.
I had for quite some time developed a process for creative thought, one that I enjoyed and one that helped stimulate the development of my ideas and my constructions as it was based on my personality and not my likeness. I had been reading books up to the climax and stopping, creating a type of contiguous interplay between the great masterpieces of out time to develop a new style of stream of consciousness one never resolved, on that was on a type of climactic interaction…not extreme mind you but in a cliff hanger suspense. Something predicated upon the very theory itself of contiguous input. A type of input that could never have resolution as the climax for resolution to the conceptual frame for creative developments would need me to finish the books before I went to the next phase of completion or resolution. I will briefly say with a smile, mocking incompetence and abusive behaviors, that any investigation begun under the promise of resolution to toward a behavior or proceeding upon models such as this may never have resolution unless the investigator seeks to influence the model to foster completion and hence will eventually influence the investigation and result in criminal behavior on the investigator.
The other night on TNT I saw three second clips in between the commercials and said that ten “Straw Wars,? commercials with am image of climactic battle developed over twenty five years could influence marketing at a great level. I laughed to think that that was what I would have done; yet…I have congressional controller who extends courtesy over my life to create images of economic incompetence for periods of development for a very successful business model based on a type of development for financial institutions and or non-profit counterpart with respect to the “Art in Space Foundation,? and the debentured web-contract for the MP-MARS institution or for-profit company based on a type of on-line employment process; given that promise for remuneration is developed in concert with the promotion of tax-credits stimulating a privatized space market…that other understand as valuable and use Congress and lies, and methods of investigations to disrupt disturb and counter develop during periods of sustained “Tortuous Conduct in Economic Relations.? So I will test a theory here today based on the rules structured by the legislators who are in control of my life…I will ask for funds required to copyright my literature prior to use in a litigation against the W.D.V.A.
Having little or no resources due to a congressional for of content creation without proper remuneration, I was left with one strategic process to insure that intellectual property compliance in public, and private sectors with respect to the “respect of natural boundaries and unnatural boundaries,? could be better understood. I will place an idea hereafter to be incorporated into my production for the “Art in Space Foundation,?..who would steal it given I had not enough access to my personal funds to properly and with proper legal assistance develop intellectual property rules associated with my full production , would Jerry B?ucminster filler,?ruckheimer. The following Idea is all together really patent worthy or copyrightable but in the process of discover of who would use satellites to formulate the production…given the government does not find the furthers removed liable party to produce it to keep the secrets safe, that I would if I had access to my personal saving continue my production for the “Art in Space Foundation,? planning and design phase…steadying intellectual property for an implementation phase that I would do the following if successful and know the process to complete the “New Media,? requirements.
I wanted to find a cluster of homes in the Florida and California regions and after development of a marketing strategy to align series of free or complimentary passes and with a timer developed to place on the television sets in the home with a countdown to the moment of the thermal satellite photography have the homes turn on their stove to maximum heat. This in order to see a large. What could we do to coordinate the image I though then we began analysis of the homes the distance of the regions and the approximate resolution required for the remote sensing and began our workshop. I had hope that the we could use a sponsor for instance like Disneyland or a Disney land like group interested in privatized space exploration through artistry in space. Our work shops would require access to these types of satellites and undergo the regulatory process like all remote sensing operations that are private in nature and with the right amount of interest could be annual in scope of the full production. This new media could be used to collaborate images in space that form marketing images like A Mickey Mouse head that had thumbs down for stolen content and could become the real National Treasure. But, in thinking of other images I of course thought of my Futuristic Horse Drawn Carriage and the symbol of progress and respect with boundaries for freedom of thought and expression with aggressive methods for legal interaction when it is discovered that congress is being manipulated to steal content from people with international goals effecting the U.S. Market Economy, in principle…a little like killing old people with a California pension funds invested in Disney ‘West,’ the way people have done to my now murdered grandfather…killing old people and steeling family fortunes, is on principle the same as the end of posterity and why work to a ripe old age to pass down your heritage if…just like taking the very value behind a family name, the innovation, the foundation principles, and the process just to sustain controlling interest, just like manipulating congress to foster an image to remove economic validation and social/economic/political verisimilitude for like minded individuals of the Disney way.
Just then Disney ‘West,? and Macintosh began a rediscovery of founding principles in line with collaborations necessary for the convergence structures in fair and competitive behaviors that did not sustain “Tortuous Conduct in Economic Relations,? in state that seem to operate outside of the U.S. Government with Boeing Influence…I hope in my “Welfare to work attrition model,? that I can satisfy the market goals in “fundamentally,? changing the industrial labor force to control legislation by altering the precepts of the labor industry to gain momentum with disagreeable functions in the Five-a-gone of the future of the travel industry and the future of the information industry in Washington State…assuming of course that, the anti-trust family is not in with the hot seat…for tactical scenario simulations of market strategies not respected by the U.S. Government and those in positions of….as international market economies forged under the process of intellectual property theft through…

The State Department has received the complaint for the following web-page problem in Santa Barbara-- [ref#694721]

Trouble with the following page-- I was unable to post the following content for intellectual property protection through on-line copyright this legal in context to my problems with respect to the State Department? I don't think so...I will request a response to this process...I have included the content that came into the web-page, but, I guess for on-line litigations...a defense can be established but, not through the prevention of posting on-line content for a litigation purpose when legal expenses are denied from the Veteran’s Administration for problems reflective of content theft....pleas respond to this following web-page and find out who put it there. I am very frustrated that I was not able to post my content for my litigation, and intellectual property.

Please reference against the process for the litigation requiring the Federal Department of Financial Institutions to review the value of the model process of the “Art in Space Foundation.? The department is located in California and therefore in future litigations the all content on the Santa Barbara Indy media web-page may be used in the event of a content review.

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Re: Santa Barbara Indy Media conflicts with State Department; State Department Reference number [ref#694721]

Page formatting seems a bit off the left hand side of the document is cut off.

Re: Santa Barbara Indy Media conflicts with State Department; State Department Reference number [ref#694721]

hey james, how about one paragraph with THE POINT.

What the hell is this article about?

this was no help either

On-line litigation strategies in a new on-line D.O.J. universe.

SBIndy is up and running fine

Hey James, good job at fixing that nasty hack, cuz SBIndy is looking totally normal and unhacked, right now.

So what the FUCK are you babbling about?

Re: Santa Barbara Indy Media conflicts with State Department; State Department Reference number [ref#694721]

Thank you for the information that the web-apge is working now.

I am uncertain if Santa Barbara Indy media knew of this problem please contact the State Department to review the filing number of [ref#694721]-This probably was related to the posting that listed the military as having my division after improper marching place our hand in the air in a Hitler salute as punishment or the reference of the statement made after 9/11 in boot camp where were told to dawn our gas mask as the Taliban had struck a nuclear biological weapon over Chicago....we had not even been allowed to see the footage of 9/11 or call home by this I image that with witness testimony in may case that I recently filed that witness testimony to this fact would be problematic...I am pleased through that when I went to post further aspects of on-line litigations that others interrupted...I am uncertain if it was meant for me. But the same day the courts passed my case through without filing fees and gave me a month to find legal support without funds or assistance from my personal savings while investigating me to prevent my arguments...Today I am insuring in my filing that I state the problem as is related to the posting. This will be publicly stored at the Western Washington Court House and required in the event of a litigation as the procedure for discovery for such issues with relationship to the members of the armed services to support claims requires more than a month and the U.S. government cannot process a case without filing to prevent the proper method of discovery that would be argued in the court; as is relative to communications made to CMDR James Link of the Bremerton Naval Base about complications of enlistment and the “Art in Space Foundation.? Current U.S. employees have suggested that they would like to be partners in a company if the U.S. Government were able to review the litigation issues for employees of the Government operating in a nuclear capacity who wish to operate small business’s in the U.S. or that would need international review prior to selection of the type of business license required. The potential Attorney General who could review the case may like to see all the evidence to insure that the person is in no trouble and that communications with private sector could be made in the event that the company is perceived to angle marketing in a single event managed over three months and not the five years to be of a uncertain political nature. This review process with proper legal review from the U.S. NAVY could contribute to the aspect of the case that shows the transition of nuclear trained personal with rate conversion into the enlisted space occupation rates as business oriented if proper legal procedures are not in compliance in this case with respect to the W.D.V.A. and the Federal V.A. for attempts to foster behaviors and control economic process with intent to control on-line communications.


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