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No Smokescreen for Armenia

"The conflict ended with Armenian forces in control of Nagorno-Karabakh,
which is internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan's territory."
The Armenians stand in flagrant violation of international law. The 90th anniversery of their holocaust should not be used as a smokescreen to cover their aggression toward neighboring Azerbaijan.
History of Atrocities Committed by Armenia
Today, Turkey plans to run a pipeline through Iraq: one possible obstacle was the threat of Curdish independence. That has been defused by the appointment of a kurd as the nominal figurehead of the Iraqi government. There are other obstacles: and competition. Other plans for supplying the world with oil are in the works. One of them is a pipeline through Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan has some of the richest supplies of oil in the world, previously unconsidered. They are bottled up by the Armenian occupation of territory where the pipe would be laid.

Regardless of their nationalist opinion of past conflicts the Armenians are currently violating internationally recognized borders and it certainly is more important for them to get straight with the world before we listen to their whining.

Armenia's history of belligerence can be traced back at least as far as 115 A.D. , when they went to war with the Roman empire. They were strong enough to keep it going for 4 years. Then they revisited the same battle again for 4 more years 50 years later. And their conflicts in the arab world were similar, including the unresolved issue in Azerbaijan today.

Nonetheless, we are expected to reverently mourn 90th anniversery of the Armenian Holocaust while ignoring the current atrocities of the Armenians themselves. Their persecution of the Azeris is just as real as the persecution that the Armenian suffered at the hands of the Turks: and unlike the Armenian Holocaust, it continues even as I type. A humanitarian emergency exists in Nagorno-Karabakh today. 100s of thousands have died, Aremenian and Azeris alike.

The anniversery of the Armenian Holocaust isn't an event that should galvanize the world's attention: worse examples of genocide continue today: in Bolivia, Iraq Sudan and Rwanda. Today's wrongs can still be corrected: those of 90 years ago can only be remembered.The suffering in Nagorno-Karabakh has been ignored for too long, overshadowed by disasters more comprehensible to us.

I needs to be brought to light, and given the attention it deserves. It has continued for over a decade

Forgive me Amy Goodman, I didn't at all appreciate your unbalanced and overly sympathetic interview with "Zanku Armenian" of the Armenian National Committee of America: Just another petty nationalist who has managed to get his cause on the international stage by presenting a totally one sided and unchallenged position to those who would desire to have themselves considered champions of justice.

And for Peter Balakian, his ten seconds and the end of the show was merely a plug to use a social cause to sell his book.

I'm not interested.

David Roknich,




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Re: No Smokescreen for Armenia

Why were my earlier comments removed in which I criticized your editorial? I thought this was a website where different ideas could be exchanged?

Your reference about Armenia violating international law is weak. The history of this conflict would show that the territory in question had been Armenia's for centuries. Over 90% of the population in that region is Armenian and it was part of the Armenian state under the USSR until the 1940's when Stalin gave this territory to Azerbaijan as a reward for willingness to support Soviet policies when the Armenians would not. Since that territory has been under Azeri rule, the Azeri's attempted to strip the Armenians of their language, culture and religion. Armenians were forbidden to teach their own language to their children. Human rights violation against Armenians protesting these laws are well documented.

What the Azeri's were doing the Armenian population in this region were similar to what the US government did to Native Americans.

While I will alwasy debate you on the validity of the Genocide and the Azeri conflict, I ask that you not use horrible quotes like "You have to massacre Armenians to beat them." This does nothing but fuel the type of hatred that justifies genocide or abuse of human rights. My grandmother who passed away this year was a victim of the Armenian Genocide. She was not an evil person. At age 79, she learned how to speak Spanish so she could communicate with a neighbor that had moved next door. She was not the face of evil so please don't use quotes like that to describe me or my grandmother.

Re: No Smokescreen for Armenia

To David Roknich. Mister Roknich you haven't ever been to ARTSAKH /Nagorno Karabakh/, You haven't ever seen what happened there, and you don't have any right to speak about my country and about my people like that... my advice to you just study history from other sources not only from Azeri sources.... And if it is not difficult for you to understand 90 years ago there were Armenian Genocide not Armenian Holocaust... and only remembering that is not enough... we need RECOGNITION!!!
Stay in peace !!!!! P.S. I invite you to Armenian in order to get acquainted with our history closer than form Caspian see...

Re: No Smokescreen for Armenia

Dear Mr. Roknich: I read your article with the greatest deliberations. However, I have many serious disagreements with your incredulously simplistic and historically revisionistic and incorrect assertions. You do realize that an entity labeled Azerbaijan Republic did NOT exist until years after the 1915 Genocide of a million and half Armenians by the Ottoman Turks? Wile Armenia has been a distinct National Identity for at least 4,000 years, Azerbaijan Republic was a term used by the Soviet Bolsheviks in the midst of the Period leading to the October Revolution overthrowing the Imperial Russia and ushering in the Soviet Era. What has been termed as AZERBAIJAN REPUBLIC used to be an integral part of Persian "Maavaraa Ghafghaaz" (Beyond Caucasus) Territories loosely known as Shirvan, Ganjeh, Nakhcivan, Ordoobaad, Baku, and ... Then the Bolsheviks wanted to wrest control of the ACTUAL AZARBAIJAN Province from the ailing Persia in 1918. So they minted the term Azerbaijan Republic FOR THE FIRST TIME and applied it to those disunited and haphazard territories. Because they wanted to further destroy the STRONG Armenian National Identity, they made an intentional cutting away of the Armenian Territories and incorporated it into the Fictional Newly Created Azerbaijan Republic. Nagaorno Karabakh is one such example! Even if Nagorno-Karabakh is Internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan, it is one of those classical WRONG things then. Today, we have several cases of Internationally recognized facts which are being systematically ignored with the full applause and support of the supposed International Community! Such as the the term PERSIAN GULF which is being dubbed as Arabian Gulf! Such as Palestinian Land, which has Israeli Settlements being built upon it, and the United States has frustrated every civil attempt of the United Nations to seek redress. Such as the Persian Gulf Islands of Iran being sought by the Persian Gulf State of UAE. Such as Taiwan, which Americans are constantly in violations of International Law help perpetuate the injustice. The List is very long indeed Mr. Roknich. I urge you not to be so casual about the lives of millions of other people. Armenians have already been slaughterd once back in 1915. Azerbaijan Republic slaughtered again many of them in 1990s. Wh do you hate Armenians Mr. Roknich? Why do you hate Humanity?! Why do you support injustice Sir? If it is all for Oil, then you should know, Armenia, and Nagorno-Karabakh are willing and eager partners in this pipeline. Let them share in the proceeds. They are DEMOCRATIC entities, whereas in Azerbaijan, all the money goes to support a corrupt leader pay for his gambling habits. Azerbaijan is a FAILED State! Respectfully, Nader Rastegar

Re: No Smokescreen for Armenia

I find it abhorrent that Armenians defend everything Armenian, whether it is right or wrong! This is pure racism and let's not forget that they have sent 20,000 Armenians to join the German Army during 2nd World War to slaughter Jews et al.
I feel extremist Armenians should be treated just like any other terrorists acting against the best interests of humanity.
Kaya Ulubatli

Re: No Smokescreen for Armenia

The Armenians are famous for cutting and pasting parts of history convenient to themselves.

First let's take a look at the population of Karabah. There were only 80,000 Armenians in Karabagh, a town amidst Azerbaijan. In order to unite this small piece of land with Armenia, one fifth of Azerbaijani land (a sovereign country) was forcibly occupied by Armenian army. Since then 1,000,000 Azerbaijani's have become refugees. They have been living in leaky tents for more than 10 years. Need I remind you how ruthlessly Armenian forces killed the civilian population of Azeris in Khojaly.

The Armenian fanatics' one sided stories often find sympathetic ears among the politicians who have not researched the events in question.

Yerevan, the capital of Armenia was once a Muslim city. What happened to the mosques and the muslims of the city find no reply form these fanatics. They only think of their losses. Who is responsible of the millions of Turks killed during World War I from 1914 to 1918? Why did the Allies occupy the lands of the Ottoman Empire? They act as if Turkish army was not embroiled in a terrible war. They act as if they did not kill the muslim population of Eastern Anatolia to declare an Armenian state there.

The Ottoman Army declared the deportation order as a last resort to protect their land and population from massacres by the Armenians. The politicians who voted in favor of Armenian demands caused major injustice for humanity.

May God protect us from one sided morality.

Fatma S.


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