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36th Whole Earth Festival - UC Davis

Whole Earth Festival is a three day ecologically centered, education focused, student run event on the UC Davis Campus, May 6th, 7th, & 8th. 4 stages of music, 3 workshop spaces, drum circle, 160+ ed booths, compost and recycling, reusable dishes, solar power, FREE, Organic local foods, kid's space, hands on crafts, and DIY. Come be a participant, student, and teacher.
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Whole Earth Festival returns to the UC Davis campus encouraging and educating for a new future

Every year on the UC Davis campus, thousands of students, professors, activists, and Sac Valley locals come together to celebrate Spring thru the understanding, critical discussion and enjoyment of education, arts, music, and community.

Whole Earth Festival started out as simply an “art happening? in 1969, combined with an inspired response to the cultural revolutions of the late 60s, culminating with Earth Day in 1971. it has grown into turned into one of the largest student run free workshop, art, music, and entertainment forums in the west coast.

We invite all of you out to this three day festival. Powered by a massive assortment of solar panels, the festival features 3 stages of music, another stage for dance performances, three tents for workshops and speakers, a film screening room, a hands-on crafts workshop space, an alternative vehicle display, many educational booths, 2 art exhibits, food stalls, crafters and place for children to play and learn.

Not only do we have tons of workshops, lectures, discussions, music and art, but we strive to be a ZERO waste festival. Diverting over 96.5% of our ‘waste’ from the landfill last year was a new high, and we hope to beat this total this year. This is done through one of the only reusable dish systems of its kind. We use all of our own plates and cups (over 5,000 of each), and spoons and forks (~4,000 each). Not only has this system of reusable wares reduced the total amount of wasted resources that end up in the landfill, but it reduces costs to food vendors, saves thousands of gallons of water, and prevents the use of dead trees for disposable dishware, and petroleum products for utensils. Overall, reusables are much more efficient than disposables and even compostables that some festivals and events are turning towards. There is no waste, only misplaced resources.

We encourage anyone and everyone to come check out this free Festival. Below are some of the highlights of the music, workshops, keynote speakers, and other events. Catch our whole program online (print only double sided 100% post consumer or reused paper) at wef/Program_Master_Web_2005.pdf

Bands ‘n’ DJs:

Hamsa Lila
Faith Petric
Universal language w/ radioactive of spearhead
Baba ken okulolo & the nigerian brothers
Diane patterson
Leslie Helpert
Obo martin
Jason webley
Baby gramps
Shelly doty x-tet
Dis moi
DJ Risingsun
DJ Tao
DJ Dragonfly
The Apostle Gabriel
Billy Lane
DJ Vega


4th World War
Pick Axe
Future of Food
Oil On Ice
Broken Rainbow

A Taste of some of the workshop and speaker forums:

Singing for Power
Building Strawbale Cottages Legally
Partner Yoga
Thai Massage
Devi yoga with Xylem
Basic Bicycle Maintenance
Organic Farmer Panel and Open Discussion
Judi Bari, Pepper Spray, and police terror against activists
Learn how to use the 13 Moon Calendar
Building Healthy Soil
Art & Activism - Juana Alicia and Alli Starr
Biodiesel 101 – Berkeley BD Collective
People Power Can End the War
The Militarization of Space
How to make your own natural housecleaners
Composting workshop (thermophilic and vermi)
Tai Chi, Permaculture, and Cultural Composting
Herbal Medicine
“Keeping Time with the Mayan Calendar
Saving the Last Marine Mammals
Herbal and Aromatherapy Workshop
Bikram Yoga
Taping into our Shakti Power

Keynote Speakers / Workshop leaders:

Medea Benjamin – Founder Global Exchange
David Solnit – best known as an organizer of the 99 WTO actions
Alli Starr – Art and Revolution
Lauren Orneals – Founder VIVA!
Kim Sturla – central figure in animal rights for the past 30 years
Doron Amiran – Hands on Strawbale demos! And Building healthy soils
Vicki Noble – shamistic healer, author, and scholar
Gabriel Cousens – Founder Tree of Life Rejunvenation Center
Erik Olsen

Above is just a taste. Check out our website, and please come celebrate, learn, and educate with us. It is always free and always the best weekend to come and check out the small town of Davis. We are mostly volunteer run, as all of the staff gets small stipends for months and months of work. If you want to volunteer, we have screen printed fair trade sweat free shirts for you and some good food made mostly from local organic produce from the Yolo County and Capay Valley Bio Region.


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