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Downtown-For-All Does Reclaim-The-Streets Again on Tuesday - Sorta

Yacov of Downtown-For-All and a small band of activists attempted a 2nd Reclaim The Streets on Pacific Ave Tuesday, but were short on numbers.
Yacov of Downtown-For-All and a small band of activists attempted a 2nd Reclaim The Streets on Pacific Ave Tuesday, but were short on numbers.
Lead by Yacov of Downtown For All, some 7-10 protesters attempted another "reclaiming" of Pacific Ave on Tuesday at 2p, only one day after a far larger Reclaim-The-Streets / Saturn Cafe march had flooded the same street.

Though they did block traffic as they strolled down Pacific Ave and for a few minutes after stopping near Union Grove Music, shortly thereafter they settled for sharing the road while they occupied the grassy median.

In an interview with organizer Yacov, he admitted the intent had been to completely shut down the road, but that they lacked the numbers necessary owing to the RTS march that had the previous day.

Some say the earlier Monday march was originally organized just for Saturn Cafe's birthday, and that it became overwhelmed by RTS marchers .

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The Struggle Continues

My understanding from Yacov was that the Monday march was a joint Saturn Cafe Birthday-Reclaim the Streets March, agreed to in advance. The 2-3 PM timeframe of the Tuesday march made it harder for people to attend.

Thanks for the photos, interview, and text--which opens the doors to a broader discussion, as usual.

A number of articulate speakers did show up at City Council that night for the 7 PM session to oppose the implementation of the Downtown Ordinances (all of which but the Non-Commercial Display ordinance expansion went into force on September 12th).

Musicians and political activists will still not be able to solicit verbally or with signs on 95% of the sidewalk space in the town's business districts. Sitting directly and non-obstructively on the sidewalk will also be illegal in those areas. Soliciting peacefully and silently by sign will be banned in a broader area (on all sidewalks in town--not just in business districts).

Police began on September 12th by cracking down on folks gathering in front of Costa Brava--four people got "obstructing the sidewalk" tickets, according to their account and that of independent witnesses, for picking up the change off the sidewalk of a man who had dropped it and giving it back to him. Officer Andrews and other barreled out of the Pacific Trading Company, by the report I heard, and gave out these $162 citations as part of the ongoing crackdown. I hope to upload the interviews with witnesses which I played on Free Radio Thursday September 12th on my Bathrobespierre's Broadsides show soon.

Police were also ignoring musicians and sitters who were illegally placed under the new laws, apparently using the "slow heat" approach (wherein the water around the lobster slowly starts to boil, so confused crustacean doesn't notice until his goose is cooked).

Nonetheless downtown sidewalks have looked markedly barren recently, especially in front of sidewalk cafes (where it is currently illegal to play or perform, period.)

Reminding folks that Downtown for All desperately needs tablers to take reports on what's going on, pass them on to indymedia as well as to the citizens police review (rahrah?) board which has a public hearing on downtown harassment on October 14th. Downtown For All's new meeting time is 7 PM on Wednesday at the Wired Wash Cafe (same place) at 146 Laurel St. next to the Saturn Cafe. If you can't come, call the HUFF line (423-HUFF) to volunteer to help out.

The return of the students to the UCSC and Cabrillo campuses and the fall election campaigns may help swell numbers of Downtown For All protests.

Tune into Bathrobespierre's Broadsides on Sunday (10-1:30 PM) Sundays for more extensive interviews and discussion.
Bring Downtown-For-All Reclaim-the-Streets to upcoming candidate forums and public meetings whenever they happen!



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