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Mentch May Be on Free Radio This Morning

I'll try to reach Roger Mentch by phone this morning to be on Free Radio around 10:30 or 11 AM.
More discussion of Medical Marijuana and various crackdowns, including the pressure on Jim Lohse in Santa Clara County, the silence of the Santa Cruz City Council on this issue, and ominous new federal legislation looming. Today (May 1st) on Bathrobespierre's Broadsides 101.1 FM call-in: 831-427-3772 archived at: .

Also it's the Pacific Coast Cooperative not the Pacific Cannabis Coopeative, though cannabis was definitely involved until city authorities shut it down nearly a month ago.

See you all tomorrow morning on the steps of the County Building.

Does anyone know of other cases currently pending?

I hope to make a Public Records Act of D.A. Bob Lee, requesting to know how many cases involving marijuana possession and/or sales have been charged since Lee assumed office compared with the several years before. I shall also be requesting details on any and all state and federal grants fund Drug War activities in the D.A.'s and Sheriff's Ofices.

If others want to make the same request by telephone or e-mail, it might put some pressure on our local drug warriors (masquerading as compassionate liberals) to (a) come clean, and (b) slow down this dirty war.

DA Santa Cruz Bob Lee
dat015 (at)

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