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scimc formatting needs help

aside from the fact that the newswire column can only be found 2/3 of the way down the page...
the left column overlaps text in the feature column. the text font seems to get bigger evrytime i visit. this exacerbates the problem.
thanks for the work!

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more details are needed

what browser are you using?

WE suggust Firefox.

did anyone mention that Internet Explorer sucks?

aside from that, sorry there are display problems from some users. these problems are being addressed as quickly as possible.

Re: scimc formatting needs help

IE is evil but, really, does the font need to be so gigantic?

Re: scimc formatting needs help

sounds like a problem with IE to me. try adjusting your font size. the font is not gigantic for me.

Re: scimc formatting needs help

all other sites work fine ..scimc font size is about 18-20; quite large and undoubtedly contributing to the formatting problem. if you are using a mac and like a fairly large font then it might work for you but most people who access the site are using windows and IE and do not even see the newswire column and the site in general has overlapping text and is hard to read. IE is evil but ain't it better to use their software against them?

Re: scimc formatting needs help

I agree the bar falling off the right side is a problem. The font sizes were relative set using the em unit which should make them nicely depend on the viewers browser settings. I agree this led to strange fonts in IE and Safari. I've changed it use 14px as the default font size. Tell me if this seems any better.

indent example

indent example

Re: scimc formatting needs help

it's better for me if it works for macs. thanks!

Re: scimc formatting needs help

just to let you know
when the main page is minimized the newswire column still drops down.

Safer, Faster, Better. Firefox

Firefox banner added to SC-IMC's left column.

as mentioned above, sc-imc is best viewed using Firefox, a free, open source, browser.

free as in freedom and beer.

navbar overlap

navbar overlap

Debugging Overlap

The debugging info is at the top instead of the bottom of the page


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