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The Golden Age of Mental Defectives

President Loonie-Tunes Leads His Gang Of Mental Defectives In A Jihad Against Freedom.

The Golden Age of Mental Defectives

Author: HWSNBN

9/11 hit me like a sandbag thrown at 60 MPH into my stomach.  As I watched the Twin Towers burn and as I saw Americans just like me falling from the burning towers, I cried.  My sadness turned to anger.  For a short time my anger turned to a desire for revenge.  After three months I began to return to normal.  My mind woke up and I began, as normal people do, to search for understanding about what had happened and why it had happened.  I knew too much about the history of the United States, its intelligence services, and the Bush family to just accept blindly their official version of what had happened.  After all, while the rest of us were mourning the loss of 3000 Americans, the Bush clan and their cronies were exploiting our grief to enrich themselves and expand their power (all of which one should expect of a criminal gang that somehow managed to gain control of the White House).

Anyone who has bothered to read official CIA documents released under the FOI Act covering CIA activities in such affairs as the overthrow of the Arbenz government in Guatemala, the Bay of Pigs, the murder of President Allende, and the Iran/Contra scandal knows what the Bush clan is capable of.  Over the course of the last half century they have been involved in terrorism against Cuba, mass deception of the American people concerning US involvement in Central America, genocide against the Mayan people of Guatemala, fraud, theft, drug dealing, perjury, influence peddling and endless schemes to rob the American people of their treasury for the purpose of forwarding the clan's wealth and power.  Many of the individuals involved in these past misdeed are now huddled together around the supreme con-man in the White House.  To blindly believe anything they tell us is the height of ignorance and stupidity.

And so I, like a hand full of others, spoke up and questioned the official version of 9/11.  I did it publicly, online and on the street.  Naively, I thought I had rights and I believe that my rights would be respected.  However, what I have learned since naively asserting my rights is that under the Bush clan those who think freely and speak from the heart have no rights.  In what appears to be some manifestation of a previously unknown law of the conservation of rights, those rights robbed from the dissident have been passed over to the mental defectives of our society who now enjoy not only the rights taken from us, but impunity from the law.  Every day online one dissident website after another is targeted by society's newly empowered mental defectives who know no limit to just how low they can stoop to fabricate reasons why thousands of other similar mental defectives should harass, libel, defame, attack, hack, and destroy the websites of others.  Their activities are illegal but their crimes are ignored by the FBI and law enforcement exactly because they are doing what the FBI and law enforcement wants them to do: destroy our rights.  Moreover, among their ranks are FBI agents, local police officers, petty government civil servants, members of the US military and even US intelligence agents.  It is as if the Bush clan had given a license to mental defectives to feed on the spirit, liberty, and good intentions of anyone and everyone who dares to question.

As I write this, a significant percentage of IndyMedia websites within the United States are currently down, the victims of a hack by a mentally defective sociopath with thyroid problems in Texas.  The FBI knows who he is.  All of IndyMedia knows who he is.  He even openly declares that he has committed these crimes, yet there has been no action by the FBI.  Had these attacks been launched against Republican websites, you can be damn sure he would be in jail at this moment, charged with crimes under the PATRIOT Act.  He is not under arrest because, as a certified mental defective loyal to the Bush clan, he has been given free license to feed on his fellow Americans, destroy their property and destroy their rights.

As I write, another mental defective in Carbondale, Illinois, one Andrew Aaron Weisburd, is waging war at another level online against anyone who either speaks up about 9/11 or just happens to be an Arab or a Muslim.  Weisburd is under the impression that his personal suffering over 9/11 has given him the moral right to make everyone else continue to suffer.  It is as if Weisburd believes that he and he alone has suffered over 9/11 and that the best way to get even over this fact (which is an untruth) is to destroy the lives of everyone who he can rationalize his hatred against.  He has taken down more "pro-terrorist" websites than the quantity of "terrorists" that actually exist.  Using his moronic Arabic-to-English translation software, he reads Islamic forums and then, applying his mentally twisted and inadequate abilities of interpretation makes the profound judgment that some six hundred websites are about to destroy his world.  In a paranoid panic, he lies and "disinforms" about everything he has read on these websites, raising the call to his legions of fellow mental defectives with licenses to break the law (many of whom are police officers, such as those in the Dedham Police Department in Massachusetts).  These mental defectives, like a great swam of cockroaches, then scurry about, trying to be anonymous, as they rape and pillage the rights of others.  To accomplish their goal of destroying those at whom Weisburd's terrorist finger points, they hack websites, harass legitimate businesses hosting the websites, spoof email, email out viruses, harass PayPal, harass CafePress (or any other entity doing business with their targets), file false reports with law enforcement, publish false articles in the names of their targets - they have even gone so far as to send hate mail to US troops in combat in the name of their targets as a means to recruit more mental defectives to their illegitimate crusade of hate.

And so we are here, at this point in history, living within a mental-defective-ocracy, lead by the biggest mental defective of them all, a spoiled brat with a personality disorder who thinks he talks with God as he slaughters hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings overseas.  Even Kafka could not have imagined such a world.



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Re: The Golden Age of Mental Defectives

I am offended by the inesnesitivity of this author towards the developmentally disabled. obscene hate speech like mental defectives only fdehunazinuzes the developmentally disabled by mocking their unique challenges. this author should apologize to us


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