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May 14th 2005 Demonstration for the 20th Year Since May 13th 1985 Massacre of MOVE!! Free the MOVE 9!!

20th year since the government's massacre of innocent men, women, and children in Philadephia
On May 13th, 1985 the U.S. government, complicit with state and city officials, dropped a bomb on the MOVE organization in Philadelphia. 6 adults, 5 children and many animals were murdered by the bomb-induced fire as well as the police bullets they faced trying to escapethe blaze.

Many people do not know that the government tried desperately to silence MOVE in large part due to their defiant, consistent protest on behalf of the incarcerated MOVE 9. The government was threatened by the possibility of having to admit their wrongdoing in the conviction of the MOVE 9. To eliminate this threat the government knowingly conspired to kill MOVE.

This government has provided constant examples of their willingess to beat, torture, jail, bomb, or kill anybody that stands for truth, righteousness, equality, justice-- principles this government claims to represent but has never represented. All of us fighting for what’s right are a threat and a target. Our only safety is to fight back! In recognition of the MOVE soldiers who gave their lives, and in self- protection, we must take a stand and never let them forget! In honor of those killed May 13th we MUST fight to FREE the MOVE 9!

Join us Saturday May 14th, 2005 as we demand acknowledgement of this atrocity, and demand the release of the MOVE 9!!! We will be meeting at 10:30am on 63rd and Osage Ave.v West Philadelphia (the original site of the bombing) for a rally and march throughout West Philadephia!

If you would like to distribute flyers in your community or would like to inform or invite someone to speak at your event please conact 610.499.0979 or onamovellja (at)

On A MOVE!!!

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