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Michael Moore Documentary Screening at Santa Cruz Film Festival (5/13)

THIS DIVIDED STATE is scheduled to screen at the 2005 Santa Cruz Film Festival on Friday, May 13th at 4PM
Contact: Michelle Pate – (801) 856-2010
press (at)


Provo, UT -- Minority Films proudly announced this week that their documentary film "This Divided State" has been selected for competition at the Santa Cruz Film Festival. Now in its fourth year, the Santa Cruz Film Festival has been committed to providing an eclectic slate of important cinema for a diverse international audience.

Director Steven Greenstreet will be attending the festival to promote the film and answer questions.

"This Divided State," described as "…more important than anything Michael Moore has made to date," chronicles the uprising in a small conservative town after Michael Moore is invited to speak at the local college just two weeks before one of the most divisive presidential elections in history. Members of the highly religious Utah community reacted quickly with outrage, bribes, lawsuits and even death threats and Greenstreet's cameras captured it all.

It's inclusion in the Santa Cruz Film Festival comes off the heels of a 23 college tour across the nation, sponsored by the Washington D.C. based Center For American Progress. The film garnered attention from such renowned publications as USA Today and the Washington Post and prompted standing ovations at campuses from Yale to USC, proving the film's cultural significance and appeal on a national scale.

Tickets for the festival screening are for sale at For more information, visit or send an email to press (at)


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Radicals of the World Unite!

TRAILER for This Divided State

Joe Hill said that he did not want to be caught dead in Utah.

please, spend time in utah! start food not bombs chapters. work with utah independent media center and start a pirate radio station.

come on santa cruz, let's show some solidarity and make salt lake city a Sister City. organize!


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