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Tent University to meet with Chancellor Denise D Denton (5/5)

UCSC Chancellor sets appointment to meet with Tent U Participants
Who: Tent University; Chancellor Denise D. Denton
What: Chancellor Denton schedules meeting with Tent University
When: Thursday, May 5; 12:30pm-1:30pm
Where: UCSC College Eight Classroom #250

The Chancellor of UCSC Denise D. Denton confirmed an appointment with Tent University participants, scheduled for May 5th at 12:30pm. Tent U participants have been waiting more than two weeks to discuss the events of April 18th where 19 students were arrested. The platform that was developed over the week long event will be formally presented at the meeting.

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did she stroke you guys good? promise the end to grades and back to narratives? next years event gets both the quarry, AND shuttles between remote parking and the event?

Any Report from the Tent U Participants?

What as the outcome of this meeting?

Can someone post the final platform, including the list of solidarity struggles? Thanks


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