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Help Save The Saturn Cafe!

Our beloved restaurant is in danger of ceasing to exist after 26 years of providing veggie food and leftist politics for the Santa Cruz community.

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We are looking for one of the following before June 30th:

A) A BUYER (i.e. new owner) at our asking price of $395,000.

B) An INVESTOR OR CO-SIGNER who can help us get enough capital to continue. The finacial risk is fairly small, as our current expected sale price is larger than our debt would be with those asssets invested in the restaurant. We can
explain this in further detail to any party who has funds or equity and is serious about talking to us.

c) A NEW PARTNER(S) with funds or a new partner(s) with their own, financial backing (co-signers or loans) who wants to buy-in at 1/3 of the value of the restaurant.

d) Worker's purchasing the restaurant as a WORKER-OWNED COOPERATIVE. Workers need to come up with $100,000 in the coming weeks to do so. This would require either a large co-signer or two OR each of the 50 employees coming up with $2,000 as an initial buy in amount. For some workers this is possible through savings or family members, while others will need sponsors through the community. Sponsors could make donations, or be paid back at a rate of $160/month in one year without interest, or $180/month for a year at 10% interest.

Please contact us ASAP if you can help in any way.
Reply to: info (at)

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Re: Help Save The Saturn Cafe!

i like option d. i wish i could become a sponsor by eating food at the saturn! maybe the saturn can sell a ceratin amount of food and that will go toward keeping the saturn open. i picture a big measuring stick, lets use a big dildo, shall we? - posted outside the saturn which indicates to people how much more money the saturn needs to raise to keep open. how about that?

we love you, saturn cafe!
please stay open!


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