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Teach In Tonight! (5/11)

the student-worker coalition for justice is holding a teach-in tonight at 7 at j baskin room 101 (the one right in front of you when you get off the bus!)
the teach-in is going to discuss:

-labor unions 101: a presentation by DANA FRANK about the importance of unions and what they are.
-what afscme has won with their contract
-the ongoing cue and upte struggle and information on their possible upcoming strike
-what we as students can do to help out ucsc community during this struggle

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Re: Teach In Tonight! (5/11)

sounds great! please publish a reportback from the teach-in. photos and audio are great too, if possible. thanks SWCJ.

Re: Teach In Tonight! (5/11)

congrats on a successful teach-in! glad you find indymedia :)


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