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USA The Movie features Indymedia voices of protest

Our voices of protest will never be forgotten...
The voices of Indymedia which cried out against the Iraq war will never be forgotten. Everyday dozens are killed in Iraq and Afghanistan but they have become statistics or newsbites. We’re still at war and so many people have blocked it out of their minds. Remember the protests when we took to the streets shouting “Rise up with the people of the world!? That time and those voices live on in USA The Movie.

USA The Movie is a film that captures the beginning of it all: from 9/11 to the invasion of Iraq. It’s not a piece of entertainment and not even a documentary; it’s a piece of our history

USA The Movie is completely independent made with no corporate or studio financing or input. Its only intention is to speak out against the cycle of suffering and violence that grips humanity. It has infuriated some and inspired others. The truth is told through the unique use of storyline, visuals, audio, poetry and real footage the filmmaker shot at the time. Fiction and reality merge together to create a film that won’t let us forget. If you’d like to check it out go to:

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