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Make Three Phone Calls Against the Drug War

A flyer to be downloaded and used at Drug War Awareness Week those so inclined.
This flyer was distributed in early form at the HUFF n PUFF table in front of the Rio Theatre on Friday the 13th. Please pass on what respones you get (or don't get) from public officials and public figures by posting your account on indymedia. Thanks.

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Text ofthe Flyer

Hopefully the flyer will be posted in formatted form for downloading. Until then, here's the text:

Make Three Compassionate Phone Calls

***Call Mayor Rotkin to ask for immediate reform of the City's medical marijuana law, whose zoning, special use permit, & other restrictions have closed all distribution centers in the last five years. 420-5023

***Reopen the successful Pacific Coast Cooperative on Pacific Ave. The downtown center was accessible and appropriate. 454-0215

***Safeguard WAMM's distribution center at the Viking Hall in Santa Cruz (recently mentioned at City Council & potentially threatened because of its location in a banned residential zone). 420-5020

***Call D.A. Bob Lee and ask him to release local Drug War data, document his promised de-escalation of the Drug War and end grass prosecutions entirely. Make him keep his Nov. promises. 420-5023
***Support a local Oakland-style Measure Z initiative to "tax and regulate" all marijuana. Build the movement locally. 466-0420
***Call Santa Cruz County Sheriff Steve Robbins to stop county raids on medical marijuana patients and providers like Roger Mentch (stop applying for Drug War grants that fund these raids!). 454-2414
***Call WAMM to support their lawsuit against the DEA. 423-5413
***Call Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom [HUFF] to help with HUFF-n-PUFF street distribution and local law reform project. Volunteers and activists badly needed! 423-4833
***Call the County Board of Supervisors to lobby for a local Measure Z on the Oakland model & reject the S.C.'s bad model law 454-2200

***Support the appeal of Roger Mentch’s Hemporium conviction for distributing medical marijuana to credentialed patients. 295-3511
The next HUFF-n-PUFF distribution-on-the-streets action TBA at .

Flyer by Norse of HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom) 309 Cedar PMB 14B S.C. 831-423-4833 5-15-05


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