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Anti-G8 Reclaim the Streets! - Live Without Dead Time! - May 20

Resist the G8!   -     Destroy Boredom!    -    Reclaim the Streets!
Streetparty/Protest Against the G8, Global Capitalism, and Boredom!

Meet 8pm, Friday, May 20th
Lytton Plaza in Palo Alto        -2 Blocks from
University Ave. at Emerson      Palo Alto Caltrain

Live without dead time!

Every aspect of our lives is beyond our control.

From where we work to where we sleep, when we go to school and where we play, outside forces dominate our environment, and our lives become repetitions of the same meaningless nothing.

Police patrol our streets, global markets make our decisions, and we live our lives through television screens, spectating and mimicking.

This isn't a coincidence.

All around the world, from Iraq to China to the Bay Area, people are being marginalized and subjugated by an invasive global capitalism.

But survival is getting old - we want to live!

There's only one way out, and we can only make it together...

Take direct action against boredom, rediscover what our cities and our lives could be, resist the G8 and Reclaim the Streets!

Revolutionary Streetparty
Meet 8pm, Friday, May 20th
Lytton Plaza in Palo Alto
Univesity Ave. at Emerson St.
2 Blocks from Palo Alto Caltrain

Critical Mass/Bike Bloc leaves White Plaza at Stanford at 7pm.

Reclaim the Streets! Palo Alto rts-pa(at)riseup(dot)net
                      Anarchist Action anarchistaction(at)riseup(dot)net
Bay Area Anti-G8 Mobilization anti-g8sf(at)riseup(dot)net

Unnecessarily lengthy introduction to our motives available at:

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Pics from Palo Alto RTS

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Pics from Palo Alto RTS

Palo Alto Reclaim The Streets Party


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