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Anti-military parade 5/21, this Saturday

Greetings, All,

Concert-in-comment on this military parade is still happening. I plan to sing my usual repertoire of peace and justice songs somewhere on the periphery of the parade--hopefully *everywhere* on the periphery, if we can borrow the fleet of pedi-cabs! The parade happens 11:30am-12:30pm, this coming Saturday, 5/21.
I would like to have a peace parade *around* the military parade, going clockwise along Laurel, Cedar, Mission, and River St, with pedi-cabs
(and other alternative vehicles, or even animals) carrying musicians and other performers. Costumes, props, banners, flags etc, are welcome. And of course, more musicians are always, always welcome.

If we don't hear back from enough people to make this a parade, I and the devoted few will be singing somewhere on the periphery, maybe Front/Soquel or Lincoln/Cedar. I'll try to send another post as the time gets closer.

Please write me if you can commit to being there, and especially if you plan to bring anything that could use some coordination. Otherwise just look for us somewhere in the vicinity. I can't say we'll be out in full force, but we will be out in full spirit!

The organizers are firm that this is *not* a political parade and do not intend it to be an endorsement of the Iraqi war or any war. They
just want to honor the sacrifices of people who have been supposedly serving their country in a military capacity.

But I say that a uniform itself is a statement a-plenty in support of a military approach to international relations, something I feel that
humankind should have outgrown by now. And I know this country includes many like myself who didn't ask for and don't accept this sacrifice. So we are singing for a more enlightened, inclusive future. Please join us!

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Re: Anti-military parade 5/21, this Saturday

Cant you just respect there sacrifices for your freedom to publish this garbage

Re: Anti-military parade 5/21, this Saturday

In the spirit of Judy Barry, I think this is an opportunity- but a challenging and delicate one. It may be an oportunity to build a bridge and cretively expand the picture of patriotism, etc. But, I think those activists participating should be wary that supporters of a military solution may also consider a violent solution to resolving personal conflicts as well: such as someone who gets in their face... or someone who questions their beliefs.
I, for one, will take the Women in Black approach. It's no cause for celebration and I will witness the procession in silence, not as a heckler.


Two callers to my Free Radio show Thursday night, announced the anti-military paraders will be gathering at 11 AM at the Red Church at Lincoln and Cedar on Saturday morning. Can someone confirm this?

Re: Anti-military parade 5/21, this Saturday

Tomorrow, for the first time in 50 years, there will be a parade in downtown Santa Cruz to honor all current military and veterans. While the proposed purpose is supposed to be non political, in actuality it cannot be so. As a supporter of veterans rights and benefits, this American must speak out. The way to support our troops is to bring them home NOW!

At first, we planned to do a counter event with speakers from many groups who are, not only opposing war but, doing support work for the victims of war. We started too late to be successful in having an actual event. However, we still believe it is possible to have a positive impact on Armed Forces Day by initiating an annual International Solidarity Event on May 21st of every year. How will we do this? By
taking out our checkbooks and sending a donation to one or more of the following organizations which are fully tax deductible:

Iraq International Peace Angels (IPA) Go to to view the work that they do and to contribute.

Haiti Haiti Emergency Relief Fund (HERF) Go to to view and contribute.

Palestine Middle East Children's Alliance (MECA) Go to view and click on Support to contribute.

If more information is needed, please contact Maureen Smith at mmsmith (at) or (831) 688-4268. We hope you can give to one or more of these organizations. Thanks.

Re: Anti-military parade 5/21, this Saturday

All who are interested in singing peace songs at (actually, near) tomorrow's military parade are welcome to meet in front (back?) of the red church at the corner of Cedar/Lincoln at 11am. That is half an hour *before* the parade starts and will give us time to sing for people arriving as well as to figure out a game plan.

In a curious, only-in-Santa-Cruz turn of events, I've learned that some of the street drummers were actually invited to perform in the parade itself, so joining them for that is also an option. Evidently that will be just drumming, no songs with lyrics, in keeping with the "apolitical" spirit of the parade. But I think they will be in some sort of uniform, again, keeping with the intention of the parade to "celebrate people in uniform."

Once again, the parade itself runs from 11:30-12:30. It proceeds from Pacific/Cathcart, up to the town clock, and makes a hairpin turn to
finish off in front of the vets' bldg. So I'm thinking the corner of Front/Cooper could also be a good place to sing as the parade is dispersing, but we can discuss that when we meet at 11.

I was told that this msg was posted on the IndyMedia web site without my e-mail address, so if you'd like to correspond, pls write me at
vpromise (at)


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