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Just Say No To Government Harassment

Know your rights, and fight back against government harassment of the Bay Area activist community
Since the arrest of Peter Young in Santa Clara County, after over 7 years on the FBI's WANTED list, there have been increasing levels of activity by the feds in the counties of San Francisco, Alameda, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz. This comes as no great surprise, as the Department of Justice seems desperate to try and blame their failure to arrest Peter on some sort of vast consiparacy.

It is especially important during this time of increased government repression to stand up for our rights and just say NO to government harassment. You have the right to remain silent - use it!

You do not have to talk to FBI agents, police or any law enforcement agent. If approached tell them you have nothing to say.

Do not speculate about Peter Young's case, or where he may have been for the last seven years. Even idle conversations with friends could land you in front of a grand jury.

If you are detained or arrested demand to speak to an attorney (call the National Lawyer's Guild Bay Area Hotline: 415-285-1041).

If contacted, followed, harassed, or detained in relation to this case please contact Fightback (at)

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Re: Just Say No To Government Harassment

where are increasing evidences of fbi in here? please sbow your work i do not believe it for one

Re: Just Say No To Government Harassment

the FBI has raided several houses in SC in an attempt to uncover some sort of alleged conspiracy to harbor peter young. ie an excuse to harass local activists and people intvolved with the animal rights movements. fuck that.

Emergency Grand Jury Teach-In on May 31 in SF

At least seven local activists have been subpoenaed in the last week to appear before a federal grand jury convened in SF. In recent decades, the federal government has increasingly used the grand jury to intimidate and harass activists pushing for social justice.

Do you know your rights? Learn what you can do to protect yourself and your community, and why you should know how to resist this unjust process.

Tuesday May 31st @7pm
3030-B 16th Street near Mission

Some people say...

Experts say......Some people say.....Unless you get specific, it's all bullshit, just like what's served on t.v.


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