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Keep Bechtel Out of UC! Mobilize to SF on May 25th

UCSC Students Against War mobilizing mass action against UC Regents meeting Wednesday, May 25th in San Francisco!
In light of the recent disclosure that the University of California will be getting in bed with the war profiteering Bechtel corporation, UCSC Students Against War are calling for mass protests and possible civil disobedience at the UC Regents meeting next week at UC San Francisco Wednesday May 25th. With already billions of dollars wasted and thousands of lives destroyed by the imperialist war machine, this latest maneuver by the UC Regents is the last straw for the student peace movement which has already successfully challenged on campus military recruiters within the past few months.

Meet at UCSF (Laurel Heights) @ 9am

Speak out & rally @ 11:30am

Please spread the word! Join students from across California to voice your opposition to the war machine! Contact: 458-4283 or rides2regents (at) for carpooling/general information.

We, The Students: UC Students Rise Up to Oppose UC-Bechtel!

Student Statement Opposing UC-Bechtel Bid

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