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The Subject of National Security, continued
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To the Citizens of The United States of America:

The time has come in our nation's history when the federal government, although created to be a limited power with specific responsibilities, has grown so far beyond its constitutional limits that we, the citizens of America, can only stop further violations of the constitution and related acts of treason, by taking the power of the government into our own hands. We have been betrayed by both political parties and their associated power structure, and it is only through the creation of a Constitutional Democracy, with the Bill of Rights serving to ensure liberty for all of us, that this monstrous federal government can be brought back within its constitutional limits.

Even though America was created as a representative republic, the people of our great nation have always held the ideal of democracy close to their hearts. It is a rare occurrence that a people will adopt and persevere in actions and beliefs detrimental to their well-being for a long time. This concept naturally engenders a great respect for the people of America, unlike the federal government, who have for so many years, held the concept of democracy in such high regards. The more carefully I look at the reasons for our devotion to democracy, the more I am confident that they are well-grounded and irrefutable.

Encompassed by a multitude of government functions which a discerning and free people find it necessary to give their concern to, ensuring their security always seems to be most important. The security of a nation undoubtedly is related to an extensive array of functions, and because of this, permits great freedom to those who want to define it specifically and completely. In this discussion, I will only analyze it as it relates to security against the dangers of unjust military hostilities by our own government. Let us then continue to scrutinize whether or not the climate of public opinion is correct that an America ruled by democracy offers them the best security that can be constructed against aggression, both current and potential, from within our own government.

Wars which have happened or will happen throughout the course of our history, will always vary in number based on the reasons given for war, whether just or unjust, that initiate, incite or encourage them. Since the only just cause of war is in defense of direct violence, a greater state of peace will be ensured by a government that has or will give fewer unjust reasons for war. With this in mind, it is beneficial to examine whether fewer or greater unjust and avoidable reasons for war will be given by a democratic America rather than the American republic of today. If it should turn out that an American Constitutional Democracy would give fewer unjust reasons for war than the republic has, or is capable of giving, then it would result, in this regards, that a Constitutional Democracy would be most conducive to keeping the country and the people in a state of peace with other nations.

As a world leader today, or in any future role, it is of the utmost importance that America honors the natural laws of morality and humanity in its relations with all nations. These inherent laws need not be written or enforced by any ruling body, but do include a respect for life, liberty and sovereignty. It is obvious to me that this will be more completely and duly done by a government under the rule of the people than under the rule of the elite few as we experience currently.

When a government of the people in a Constitutional Democracy is formed, those people who are best able to understand, appreciate, and support the needs of the nation's citizens will be the final authority over the management of the nation; the people themselves. Consequently, the actions of this government will be more cautious and conscientious, and as a result, safer in regards to the discharge of our nation's war powers.

Under this national government, treaties and relations with other nations will always be executed in the best interests of the people, and as a result, they will tend to err on the side of caution, whereas the government of the current republic, ruled by the few, has often acted in the interests of those same few, rather than in the best interests of the nation as a whole. It is these self-serving actions that have often led to our government's initiation of force, which has resulted in a decreased level of safety for our nation.

The potential for personal gain or loss, glory, and conquest, through unpublicized arrangements and the like, in a government of just a few hundred men and women has, in the past and in the future, enticed, and will likely continue to entice the governing bloc to depart from honest intentions, due process, and justice. But those same enticements in an America under the rule of a Constitutional Democracy, not affecting the whole populace, and accordingly, having limited or no influence on the entire structure of the national government, will be enticements that are futile and in vain, and honest intentions, due process and justice will be upheld. The case of near-continuous operations of aggression by the American military, that have violated the most basic precepts of justice in a free society, as they haven't followed the required and constitutionally-mandated war powers clause, adds considerable potency to this premise.

If even one section or some members of the current governing bloc of this country would be able and willing to resist such enticements, yet as such enticements have and ordinarily do, permeate throughout the rest of the government, and most often affect a majority of the legislature and executive, this section or members have rarely and will rarely in the future be able to prevent the injustice or punish the aggressors. But, the national government under the rule of the whole populace in a Constitutional Democracy, not experiencing influence from such enticements or arrangements throughout the entire population, will neither be motivated to commit these crimes, nor will it lack the power to punish those who do.

So far in this discussion, unjust reasons for war initiated by our own government, motivated by glory, gain, and related enticements, have been shown to be less apt to be given by a government ruled by the people as a whole, rather than a government ruled by the select few as it is today. In that regard, a Constitutional Democracy creates a greater climate for the safety of the people.

Although these reasons have been given which demonstrate how our nation, under the rule of the people, will lead to increased safety for the people due to a greatly-reduced potential for unjust acts of aggression by our own government, it is also imperative to discuss the potential for just causes of war, which are those that utilize force in reaction to direct violence on us initiated by foreign nations. In regards to these just causes of war, it is quite apparent to me that a national government, under the control of the entire population, will provide a highly increased level of security against these types of dangers, than a government of any other kind. A nation, ruled by the people, will be much less apt to invite aggression from foreign powers. It is this premise and its related reasoning that I will discuss in detail with my next paper on June 2, 2005.

In the spirit of liberty and prosperity,


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