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Sempervirens Fund to Buy Panorama Ridge

Key Trail soon to be added to Castle Rock State Park
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Felton, CA (May 21, 2005) Sempervirens Fund, the venerable Los Altos based land conservancy, announced today that it is purchasing Panorama Ridge, a critically important 40-acre parcel adjoining Castle Rock State Park.

“Looking at a map of Castle Rock State Park is a little bit like looking at a huge jigsaw puzzle, with one very important piece missing. That piece is Panorama Ridge,� says Brian Steen, Sempervirens Fund’s Executive Director. (Steen is former director of the Big Sur Land Trust.)

“Today we are a giant step closer to opening a hiking and riding trail to connect the Skyline entrance of Castle Rock State Park with trails that will encircle the entire 5,000-acre park.� observes Steen.

Views from the ridge top parcel are spectacular, encompassing a full sweep of vistas from Monterey Bay to the south, the Big Basin parklands to the west, across the Pescadero watershed to the north, and all the way to the Pacific horizon.

Sempervirens Fund has secured the purchase of the $700,000 parcel with a down payment of $200,000 from its Opportunity Fund. The Panorama Ridge fundraising campaign aims to complete the purchase by year-end so the property can be conveyed to Castle Rock State Park.

In the creative purchase deal, Sempervirens Fund worked with the seller to create a life tenancy agreement allowing the seller to continue living in the existing house on a 5-acre portion of the property that will remain off-limits to park visitors.

Sempervirens Fund’s members and supporters can participate in the Panorama Ridge campaign on photo-trips, hikes, horseback rides and on trail building crews.

Founded in 1900, Sempervirens Fund’s purpose is to preserve and protect the natural character of California's Santa Cruz Mountains and to encourage appropriate public enjoyment of this environment. Donations are deductible under IRC 501(c)(3). Annual membership begins at $35.

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what was the mitigation?

Is it true that a strand of rare Black Oak Tress were destroyed to build the new parking lot for this trail?

Re: Sempervirens Fund to Buy Panorama Ridge

Euthanizising a few excess trees is a small price to pay to preserve such unique beauty and natural heritage! A few trees don't matter.


Does "Anonymous Poster" suggest that building a new parking lot in the location of a grove of Quercus kelloggii was necessary for this deal to go through?


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