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Photos and Report Back from Take Back the Night 2005

More than 125 people marched through UCSC Campus Thursday night, participating in 2005's Take Back the Night and demanding that UCSC address safety issues on campus.
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The evening began with a rally at UCSC's Baytree Plaza, where students gathered to hear poetry and presentations, and to get information from campus and community organizations dedicated to helping survivors of sexual violence and ending rape and sexual assault.
The march kicked off as the sun set, and the handicapped-accessible route ran through each 'College' of UCSC (there are many separate colleges, most with their own plaza, own student housing, own particular character and/or focus). Drummers, organizers, students, community members, womyn and men carrying signs, passersby, survivors and supporters all marched and chanted for the purpose of raising awareness about violence against women in all its many forms.

The march paused at almost every college, stopping to hear the UCSC Slam Poetry Team lay it down by candlelight. A supportive banner dropped from a fourth story dorm room window. A lot of students waved and cheered. Some meatheads lobbed sexist comments. Several boyfriends-in-tow weren't sure how to act. A lot of students shuffling between class, dorm, dining hall, and library learned about Take Back the Night.

The event concluded with emotional testimonials--an open mic in a safe space for anyone to share their stories of survival, to tell the stories of friends, to ask for support (and to recieve it), and to reflect on the event. College 8's plaza was full of love&rage until well after midnight.

I encourage anyone who was present to post their reactions to the event and to continue the dialogue about the safety of women in our local and global communities. Take Back the Night--Every Night!

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More Photos

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Participants carried candles along the march route, many wearing Tshirts sold at the gathering, with an Alice Walker quote on the back:
"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any"


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