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Benefit for Needle Exchange - Fri May 27

Benefit Party for Santa Cruz Needle Exchange
Friday, May 27
@ Zami Co-op, 807 Laurel St.

Live music!
Kissing Booth!

Donations will be accepted at the door. Kissing booth and bar cost money. No one will be turned away for a lack of funds.

This is being put on by Gay Shame Santa Cruz. For more info, contact gayshamesc (at)

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Harm reduction programs save lives

Proving that we are still medieval in some of our govt. policies, banning needle exchange programs is both penny foolish and dollar foolish.

Prevention of disease is the highest goal in medicine. HIV, AIDS, and hepatitus B are all preventable killers. They not only kill the IV drug using addict, but they put their intimate partners and their own unborn children at risk.

Addicts, unable to find clean needles, will use dirty ones. This is a hard fact of life.

The only thing criminal about the government policy of outlawing needle exchange programs is the infection, suffering, deaths, and further spreading of disease caused by the prohibition.

Support the needle exchange! Keep leaning on those legislatures to enact sensible public health policies.


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